10 Best Infrared Heater Reviews

Keeping warm is a pleasure you can enjoy without going through the struggles of oil-filled radiators, mica-thermal panels electric resistance coils, and ceramic elements filled with forced air at the comfort of your home.

Best infrared heater reviews

For the perfect heating technology that will instantly keep you and your family comfortably warm, be it for domestic or commercial heating scenes, and for appropriately recommended and comfortable temperatures, you should look no further than our best-infrared heater reviews, below.

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With it comes the package of comfort, pleasure, efficiency, and above all a healthy lifestyle among others. Our best-infrared heaters are a game-changer and a major revolution in the heating industry.

Shown in this research are the basic tips and necessary facts that will enable a customer to find his or her own preference for the infrared heater. It provides immense satisfactory coverage that is comprehensive in detail on the infrared heaters.

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Top Infrared Heaters – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-watt

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Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is a newly engineered and designed infrared heater in the United States. It is one of the most reliable options and most efficient for your winter heating purposes. Dr. Infrared heater is made up of a Dual Heating System which combines the quartz Infrared element and the PTC, enabling it to keep you warm while you save on your electricity heating bills.

It also has a high-velocity low noise blower and the dual heating system makes it have a larger heat distribution and transfer rate hence you expect your room to be heated to the most comfortable temperature, faster. Dr. Infrared is made up of a non-exposed heating element and it has no chance of causing a fire. This makes it safe around children and pets.

Pus with its up-to-date mode of technology which helps the room to retain its air moisture, Dr. Infrared won’t dry out your skin like any other heater that blasts out hot air. Even sweeter one is that it will save you bills of up to 50% of your next electricity bills. With its unique heating capabilities, silent blowers, energy efficiency, and safety design, Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater is so far the best option for your domestic heating needs.


  • It has a high-pressure low noise blower with a noise level of 39 dB super quiet and an IR remote control system.
  • It is a dual heating system made up of the infrared quartz tube and a PTC with a 12hour automatic shut off timer.
  • With its auto energy-saving model with the high and low features, Dr. Infrared can heat up a large room.


  • Quiet and efficient blower
  • Delivers more heat, faster and better
  • Saves on electricity bills
  • It has auto power settings
  • Long lifetime
  • High-efficiency blower


  • It’s limited by very large room sizes
  • Relatively expensive
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Dr. Infrared heater delivers an amount of sixty percent more heat than the other already existing 1500-watt heaters due to its advanced heating system which enables greater heat production and the high-efficiency heat blowers to deliver the heat in the most effective way.

The Dr. Infrared portable space heater is certified by the Underwriters Laboratories of the USA and Canada to ensure the best of safety and standards. With this, plus the fact that it has a longer lifespan of up to 80,000 hours in operation, rest assured that you can use the Dr. Infrared heater for years and years.

2. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Infrared Delux

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This is one of the tops of the line infrared heaters. Its state of the art and up-to-date design will give you safe and the comfiest heat for an extra-large space. It has easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean lifetime air filters and in terms of power, it uses up to 1500 watts.

The life lux infrared heater is surrounded by our very stylish all wood oak stain cabinet which is cool, comfortable, and safe to touch. This very one of its kind heater also comes with a new larger remote control to work with the digital thermostat and the dual timer settings that are automatic as well.


  • Allows remote control provision of infrared warmth to an extra-large room.
  • Its stylish wood cabinet is safe and comfortable to touch.
  • Its digital thermostat with a remote quiet scroll fan circulates sufficient heat.
  • The life smart infrared heater is a supplemental heat source for up to an 1800 square ft room.
  • It has 3 heat settings including the eco setting 12-hour start and stop the timer.


  • Remote control
  • The wood cabinet makes it comfortable and cool
  • Heats an extra-large room


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited to 1500 watts power usage
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The deluxe life smart heater and features 8 of our quartz infrared elements is the only unit wrapped in a metal heat exchanger coil and no other unit has this kind of technology in the market. It comes with a one-year warranty as well. In a range of similar products, the life smart deluxe heater is the greatest and the best you are going to find.

It has the least average daily spend to use it on and the fact that it’s on wheels makes it easy to handle. You need to have this state-of-the-art machine in your home for a comfortable and unforgettable experience of domestic heating during the winters.

3. Life Smart Large Room 6 Element Infrared Heater

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Featuring six quartz infrared elements and containing a lifetime of washable air filters, the life smart large room 6 element infrared heater provides a safe, healthy heat and is ultra-efficient for a large room. If you have questions on energy saving then you are backed up with three energy-saving settings that will include eco settings designed for heating small areas to a maximum of 68 degrees with only 500 watts and attempts to maintain air temperatures at strictly warm.

The other settings are high and low heat settings. A nice embodiment of a stylish metallic finishing surrounds the cabinet of the heater that is cool to touch. Underneath the heater is E Z glide casters that enable easy movement of the heater from one place to another.

It also contains dual timer settings that are used to turn on or off the unit up to a maximum of twelve hours ahead. The dual timer and the remote control which operates the digital thermostat give the user of the heater the ultimate desired control of the appliance and therefore the surrounding. It has a warrant of one year.


  • The lifesmart infrared is recommended for single room size that ranges to a maximum of 150 square feet and is programmed to set time to start. It maintains the current humidity in the air by targeting the people and objects in the room only instead of heating the air therefore ensuring a comfortable environment.
  • It has a power cord length of 6 feet that allows it to be placed anywhere further from the source of power if need be. This is further enhanced by its light weight of 21 pounds. The lifesmart infrared heater also uses minimum power voltage by avoiding heating unnecessary sections in the house. Its size also makes zone heating easy and preferable.
  • The lifesmart infrared heater produces clean heat as these kinds of space heaters do not use combustion, fuels, or toxins to heat therefore posing zero threats to the user or the environment.


  • Available overheat features
  • Presence of tip-over safety features
  • Replaceable heating elements
  • Care and maintenance instructions are provided
  • A replacement list of parts is provided
  • Energy-efficient and cost-friendly


  • Cleaning the heater is too technical
  • Limited to indoor usage
  • Limited to zone heating
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With the life-smart infrared heater, zone heating is utilized to save on costs of the effective energy efficient heater, therefore, making it a cost-friendly appliance. The use of E Z glide casters also ensures proper and easy movement of the heater.

If all you need is a heater that is more efficient in heating small area spaces and is easy to move around from one place to another, then the life-smart large room 6 element infrared heater is your choice.

4. Eden-pure A5095 Gen2 Pure Infrared Heater Black

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The gen 2 bookshelves design infrared heater is a gem. It’s designed to save on space and to make it easy to move and even to suite it into your home design and décor. It also has a mechanism that prevents the temperature from getting high enough to ignite a fire and absolutely there doesn’t exist the risk of carbon dioxide to the surrounding users.

It features a very silent mode and heat on or off function that maintains the fun in function to circulate air during other seasons other than winter.

With this heater comes a remote control device that has an air purification upgrade kit or sometimes Hepa filters and the UV light. The Eden-PURE A5095 Gen2 pure infrared heater is the best you will have in the current market, it suits your needs and all its features are unique to other competing products in the market.


  • It has the ability to heat a very large surface area. To be specific, 1000 square feet.
  • Eden-PURE A5095 Gen2 pure infrared heater has a two-year product warranty.
  • This product has an electric thermostat fitted in it.
  • This product weighs a total of 15 pounds.
  • It uses radiant and infrared heating methods.
  • No assembly is required.
  • No batteries are required.


  • Heats larger areas
  • Light in weight
  • No assembly required
  • Requires no battery
  • Purification upgrade kit


  • Its lightness makes it prone to children games
  • Relatively expensive
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Eden-PURE A5095 Gen2 pure infrared heater is unique regarding its small size designed to occupy lesser space and make it easy for necessary movements and convenience for installation in domestic settings. Also, there is an automatic on/off function on the new digital function readout on the product.

With the large heating space, the 2-year warranty, the electric thermostat, less weight and so much more amazing features of this product, it is the most preferred choice. Do not think twice about taking off any it from our shelves.

5. Dura-flame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect and Remote Control

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The duraflame infrared quartz fireplace stove that has enhanced features of a 3d flame including five adjustable color, brightness, and speed settings, comes in a durable metal body with side viewing windows and a glass door.

It is most effective in small rooms and where heat is exactly needed where the infrared heat besides providing the needed heat that contains reduced static electricity, maintains the natural humidity of the environment a factor that is people-friendly. The appliance is easily portable and convenient especially in circumstances where pets and children are involved.


  • It warms up to an area of 1000 square ft. by the use of the 5,200 BTU heater.
  • It has got a 3D flame effect for realistic effects.
  • Uses a remote control system.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • Cool and safe to the touch.
  • It has an adjustable thermostat for more control of the surrounding.


  • Durable
  • Operates with control panel/remote
  • Environmental friendly
  • No, assemble required
  • Maintains the natural humidity in the air
  • Reduced carbon print


  • Zone heating may result in conflict
  • 3D flame may lead to premeditated accidents especially among toddlers and children
  • The metallic body is prone to scratches and dents
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The duraflame infrared quartz fireplace stove’s 3D flame with an adjustable five-color, brightness, and speed settings makes this heater a unique model. It is very friendly to the skin and airways as it ensures its protection by maintaining the natural humidity of the environment.

Consequently, the zone heating involved reduces the carbon print and allows members of the household the choice to control their surroundings.

The Dura flame infrared quartz fireplace stove has proved to be a heater that sorts after the well-being of the entire household in relation to health, environment, economy, and personal satisfactory desires that are deeply rooted in the element of zone heating and infra-red heat.

6. Life-smart Medium Room Infrared Heater With Remote

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Featuring three of the metal quartz infrared elements with three energy-saving settings that include an eco-setting designed to heat smaller areas ranging to 68 degrees per 500 watts, the life smart LS 3 ECO is the heater you to add to your home décor considering its stylish black fireproof cabinet.

The cabinet itself is very attractive and its smooth finish gives it an embodiment of pleasure for home décor and comfort not forgetting safety should you have toddlers that embrace the spirit of exploration.

The heater is a perfect asset for medium-sized rooms or spaces where it provides ultra-efficient heat that is safe and healthy at a very affordable power voltage of up to 1500 watts. The fact of it being perfect for small rooms makes it even more efficient for domestic use as one appliance can be used in different rooms at a given time in a given need of heat avoiding inconveniences, It is smaller in size at weight 11.5 pounds which enables it to be moved easily from one place to another.

If you don’t fancy having to get off your comfort often, then lifesmart LS3 ECO is your preference heater as it comes with a large remote control that your undisturbed comfort by operating the digital thermostat from your own comfort of. It comes with a one-year warranty, the appliance contains a lifetime air filter that is washable the advantage of a dual time of 12 hours ahead of maximum time.


  • Manageable weight – its weight of 11.5 pounds allows easy packaging and movements.
  • Economic friendly – it uses low voltage given its use of up to sixty-eight degrees space area per 500 watts besides the three energy-saving settings which includes eco settings that manage the heat that is released into the air. The appliance generally uses a maximum of 1500 watts.
  • Health friendly – the heat produced by the lifesmart LS 3 ECO is clean and healthy.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate


Its easy portability makes it prone to destruction by children or even theft

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It is a small appliance that is easy to move with a stylish advantage to your interior décor. The lifesmart LS 3ECO is an affordable heater that will be a huge plus to your home décor besides the advantage of giving you a warm, cozy, and comfortable home for you and your family. It’s stylish and very efficient.

7. Life-smart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Burnished Oak Finish w/remote

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Featuring 8 quartz infrared elements wrapped in a metal heat exchanger coil, the life lux infrared heater is of a unique design that safe and healthy heat for extra-large-rooms. With it, also comes with the removable and cleanable air filter without forgetting a graceful one year warrant.

The heater uses a maximum voltage of 1500 watts and provides 3 energy-saving settings which will include an eco setting that is meant to be used in heating areas that are small to a maximum of 68 degrees using a balance of energy usage for the highest level of efficiency.

It has a nice finishing of stylish oak wood all around it to form a cabinet that despite the heat still remains cool to touch which is a measure of accident reduction. Its modern technology is also enhanced by its ability to use a remote control that operates the digital thermostat and dual timer settings. These settings are used to set the temperature to a maximum of 12 hours ahead.


  • Good quality – the fine polished finishing of oak wood around it makes to act as a plus to the interior décor especially in living, sitting, and entertainment rooms.
  • Convenient – the availability of remote control, a quiet scroll fan, and an eco-setting of up to 12 hours start and stop timer makes is convenient to operate the heater, enjoy it and maintain the temperature in your home as it best suites. Its weight also adds to the conveniences to movement.


  • Light in weight
  • Smooth and polished finishing to touch
  • Affordable
  • Flexible to room size


  • The life lux infrared heater is too boring in appearance as its dull and too simple
  • It is cheap looking
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The fact that it contains 8 quartz infrared elements sets it apart from any other heaters. It is also meant to provide heat to larger rooms but in the case of smaller rooms, there are settings available that reduce the voltage to 500watss thus catering for them.

Its simplicity and oak wooden finishing structure may also appeal to some with that kind of preference.

Quakertown oak stain all-wood cabinet heater with 8 elements sounds like a break from the norm from the ordinary heaters we are often exposed to.

This makes life lux infrared a unique heater. It is very simple in the making from the appearance but its working ranging from large to small rooms with power voltage ranging from 1500 to 500 makes it even more admirable.

8. The Dura-flame 9hm8101-0142 Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Heater, Oak

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The Duraflame infrared quartz fireplace stove that has enhanced features of a 3D flame including five adjustable color, brightness, and speed settings, comes in a durable metal body with side viewing windows and inoperable behooved a glass door.

It is most effective in small rooms and where heat is exactly needed where the infrared heat besides providing the needed heat that contains reduced static electricity, maintains the natural humidity of the environment a factor that is people-friendly.

The appliance is easily portable and convenient especially in circumstances where pets and children are involved.


  • Economical – zone heating ensures that heat is produced only where it is needed. Similarly, the adjustable digital thermostat can be put to economical use by turning it down say from 10 to 15 for 8 hours, this will result in an admirable percentage of savings will being noted.
  • Gives room for choice – this is managed through zone heating where members of the household can control the temperature of the room they are interested in.
  • Extended air conditioning and furnace life – zone heating ensure that the heater is only used when necessary therefore reducing wear and tear on homes heating and air conditioning appliances, therefore, prolonging the lifespan of the home’s climate control system.
  • Its ability to maintain the natural humidity of the environment ensures that the air doesn’t go dry therefore turning out to be friendly to the airways and the skin.


  • Durable
  • Adjustable digit thermostat
  • Operates with control panel/remote
  • Environmental friendly
  • No, assemble required
  • Maintains the natural humidity in the air
  • Reduced carbon print


  • Zone heating may result in conflict
  • 3D flame may lead to premeditated accidents especially among toddlers and children
  • The metallic body is prone to scratches and dents
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The Duraflame infrared quartz fireplace stove’s 3D flame with an adjustable five-color, brightness, and speed settings makes this heater a unique model. It is very friendly to the skin and airways as it ensures its protection by maintaining the natural humidity of the environment.

The zoned heating involved reduces the carbon print and allows members of the household the choice to control their surroundings.

The Duraflame infrared quartz fireplace stove has proved to be a heater that sorts after the well-being of the entire household in relation to health, environment, economy, and personal satisfactory desires that are deeply rooted in the element of zone heating and infra-red heat.

9. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater With Humidifier, 1500 Watt

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This heater is comfortable for the body and checks the bill. Dr. Infrared heater has been made to provide enjoyable comfort harnessed from the conventional type of heating provided by the energy efficiency of infrared heating that is cost-effective. It doesn’t matter how the weather is chilled and cold as this heater seems to have been made to ensure the harassment of a cold environment and wanting electrical bills are not among your worries.

The DR-968H Dr. Infrared heater contains an advanced dual heating system that combines PTC and Quartz infrared elements for affordable and relaxing heat besides the ultrasonic humidifiers that are built in to act as producers of high levels of therapeutic comfort that your body needs at the end of the day. The humidifiers also function as moisture enhancers, especially during dry air winters.

What makes DR-968H Dr. Infrared heater more efficient as a heater is the dual heating system and the high-velocity low noise blower that ensures heat distribution is increased and the heat transfer rate is at a maximum level to ensure faster heating of your house. It has an energy-saving auto mode. The heater also guarantees the safety of your children and pets as it only gets warm to contact.


  • An advanced dual heating system that sets a range of 1500 watts high with low temperatures of 50- 85 degrees.
  • Through energy-saving auto mode DR-968H Dr. Infrared heater has high and low setting when the mode is set to auto which ensures the cycling of the unit on and off to maintain the favored temperature level.
  • DR-968H Dr. Infrared heater takes safety first of its users; therefore children and pets are safe as no exposed heating elements are on this heater that could pose a danger. It also provides tip over and overheats protection with a dual heating system.
  • High-velocity low noise blower ensures that heat is distributed at a high pressure which leads to increased velocity but with minimum noise therefore avoiding noise pollution or inconveniences.
  • The built-in humidifiers are meant for a cool breeze to get rid of dry winter air.


  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental friendly


  • Only heats used in large rooms
  • Dull looking design
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The DR-968H Dr. Infrared heater has been noted for its dual heating system that protects it from overheating and providence of tip-over protection especially in heating large rooms.

Therefore it’s safe to use especially in homes with children and pests. There is also the availability of humidifiers that get rid of dry winter air. The DR-968H Dr. Infrared heater is safe, reliable, and more so very efficient and cost-friendly in heat production.

10. Mr. Heater F232000 Mh9bx Buddy 4,000-9,000-btu Indoor Safe Portable Radiant Heater

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Just because you are located far away from the power supply doesn’t mean you condemn yourself to freeze when you can have north America’s most popular portable liquid propane heater.

The heater connects directly to the cylinder which is the perfect solution to provide heat in enclosed spaces like large tents of 200sq.ft. It has a swivel regulator that will enable you to adapt usage from a disposable cylinder to a remote gas supply with the obtaining of a hose and filter.

Lighting the unit involves a simple notion of simply rotating the knob to pilot and push and leaving the rest to integrate the piezo sparking mechanism. It is suited with an oxygen depletion sensor and accidental tip-over safety shut-off that prevents mechanical accidents of the heater.


  • The portable liquid propane heater is meant to operate below the altitude of 7,000 ft above sea level; if taken higher it may shut off. Being a safe fuel, propane makes the perfect liquid to be used in the heater as it provides clean and healthy heat therefore favoring both indoor and outdoor heating.
  • The oxygen depletion sensor is a safety measure that makes the heater go off as soon as low oxygen levels are detected in the auto shut-off tip over. This occurs if the pilot light goes off.
  • The portable liquid propane heater has the dimensions of 9×14.2×14.4 inches with a weight of 904 pounds and manufactured by space heaters. The size and weight of the heater make it easily portable from one place to another.
  • The expertly engineered size to BTU ratio is made with a down handle fold in order to give this heater maximum output as it retains a very minimal footprint.


  • Substitute for electrical heaters
  • Larger heating surfaces
  • Easy to start four-position control
  • Reliable heat
  • Safe
  • portable


  • Prone to accidents
  • Requires technical skills
  • The availability of propane liquid may be a hindrance
  • It an unsafe method of heat provision especially with kids and pets around
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The portable liquid propane heater is by itself an outstanding technological heater as it uses liquid propane instead of the widely known electric heaters.

The fuel is almost 100% clean making it safe for both indoors and outdoors heating. Oxygen depletion sensors are also a huge factor in this technology that further reinforces the safety claims of this heater.

Buying Guide

Before buying a good heater for the right purpose at the right price, one needs to gather a lot of information in order to have a clear understanding of what exactly they want and which heater they will prefer.

Given the numerous designs of heaters available in the market that come with different specifications, different methods of care and maintenance, applicability, and preferences, one needs to narrow down the possible desires in a heater depending on their needs or requirements.

This can only be done if we get to understand heaters how they work and then fit them into our line of wants. There are many factors to consider when and before buying an infrared heater as will be discussed in this paper, but first we need to understand what exactly an infrared heater is and relate it to the infrared technology that has developed immensely in the wider world.

Infrared Technology

Infrared heat works almost the same way as the concept of the sun. From the studies, we are told that the sun accounts for only 49% of the heat that is contained on earth while the rest is produced by the visible light that is absorbed then re-radiated at a longer wavelength.

Infrared heat can only be detected by electronic sensors for example bolometer as the electromagnetic rays emitted makes the object hot but not hot enough to produce visible light which makes infrared a technology useful in various fields of study, research, and work.

This use of technology is seen in the use of microwaves, heaters, ultraviolet rays, x-rays, radio, and visible light. Infrared technology is used in industrial, scientific, law enforcement, and medical fields among others.

It is made use of the night vision technology that allows people to observe wildlife undetected besides for tracking and surveillance. Infrared thermal imaging cameras are used to detect heat loss in insulated systems, detect overheating of electrical appliances for example electric and infrared heaters, and for remote temperature sensing.

What Is an Infrared Heater?

Some people may simply want or prefer to define infrared heaters as bodies with higher temperatures that are used or tasked with the work of transferring heat to bodies with a lower temperature through the use of electromagnetic radiation. Well, it is not wrong to put it that way.

Infrared heaters are also termed as electrical appliances that are used to produce heat that warms sections or zones of rooms with objects and people directly rather than warming the air first.

They use electromagnetic radiation to emit heat to the desired place just like the sun. On the plus side, infrared heaters are very much operable in the vacuum or atmosphere.

Types of Infrared Heaters

Being aware of the types of infrared heaters that are available in the market narrows your spectrum to choose from heaters. It is advisable to know exactly what will work for you in order to have the heater that best suits your task.

There are various types of infrared heaters that vary in their heating process and procedure, portability, type of fuel used, place of its use, design, structure, size, heat settings among other options

  1. Infrared radiant heaters and infrared room heaters
  2. Infrared radiant heaters

Also referred to as direct heating, these kinds of heaters have the advantage of providing heat instantly to the objects and people in the room as soon as the heater is switched on.

This is possible by the fact that infrared radiation heaters direct their heat towards objects and people that are placed directly in front of it rather than the air in the room. Radiant heaters operate in such a way that it avoids wastage of unnecessary power and therefore more efficient in outdoor settings or larger rooms especially those with no insulation.

On the other hand, infrared radiant heaters are not entirely as beneficial as they are limited to heating objects and people that are strategically situated in front of it and are placed in stationery. Therefore these heaters to some extent limit movement and are prone to cold spots. A good example of the infrared radiant heater is the Optimus H-5210 infrared heater

1. Infrared Room Heaters

These heaters are also referred to as zone heaters, these appliances are used for space heating sections and zones of a house without necessarily heating the whole house. It is quite effective in providing heat for more than one person in a room as well as making the room warm and cozy.

Infrared room heaters are effective as they heat the air around the zones ensuring lack of cold spots when it comes to proper heating. These heaters are also considered safe from minor and major accidents as the heating elements are enclosed in wooden cabinets. Infrared room heaters are cost-effective in a way that heat can still be maintained after switching for.

On the other hand, these heaters can be risky and costly when it comes to preheating of the environment or sections as heat is not instantly felt.

2. Type in Reference to Portability

This classification brings to your knowledge how portability may affect the use of an infrared heater. There are three kinds of heaters in the relation to portability.

Maximum Portability

This kind of infrared heater is meant to be used in different places as they allow movement from one place to another. Some of them have E Z gliders attached to their bottom parts to ease the movement.

They are more efficient in zone heating as they can be easily be moved from one place to another and from room to room with less effort.

Limited Portability

The heater that has limited portability allows the user to have them in rooms or places in which they can be moved from one place to another but within limited space. This means that they cannot be moved easily from one room to another if it doesn’t suit the range of movement.


On the other hand, permanent heaters are designed in such a way that they are only used in one position. They are limited to only one zone or one room heating.

3. Low-intensity Tube Heaters

These types of heaters are sometimes referred to as positive/negative pressure heaters, tube heaters, radiant tube heaters, or simply tube brooders.

They are generally vented with capabilities to use fresh air for combustion and are really preferable in the events where heat is needed in the entire building.

a) Patio Heaters

Patio heaters are sometimes referred to as suspended, radiant, mushroom style, free-standing or floor mounted patio heaters. They are designed to heat concentrated outdoor places. Depending on the way it is mounted, placed, or suspended, patio heaters can be termed portable or permanent.

b) Construction Heaters

At times, these heaters are referred to as spot heaters, portable construction heaters, or tank top heaters. They are mainly used for spot heating and/or as warm-up stations.

They are used in outdoor areas as well as industrial fields or temporarily used inside buildings. These heaters are not to be used in residential areas as they are only limited to the named areas.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Infrared Heater

Before buying an infrared heater, one needs to understand that these heaters come in a wide variation of size, heating power, construction quality, life expectancy, features, price among others. The factors provided should guide the buyer into getting the perfect infrared heater for the desired function.

1. Size of the Room

The size of the room ensures that the type of heater bought doesn’t end up incurring extra charges than necessary to the buyer or working inefficiently.

For example, if you have or desire to heat a larger room, radiant infrared heaters are the be more effective as zone heating will result in more energy being used to heat the much air in the room while smaller rooms work perfectly with room heaters. The knowledge of the room size increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the heater’s work and reliability.

 2. Quality

There are a number of brands out there that have dedicated their business to the ventures of infrared heaters and all these heaters are not assembled equally as some heaters will prove to be more efficient than others as the quality of products varies from one make to another and from one brand to another.

For example, if you want a heater with a longer life expectancy, then you could choose a heater with a high life expectancy of quartz bulbs which determines the durability of the heater. Choose a heater with a cabinet made of durable long-lasting material which is resistant to wear and tear.

3. Safety Features

A good infrared heater should put the safety of its users, the environment, and those around it at a maximum priority. Most brands have incorporated heating technology into the manufacture of heaters rendering them cool to touch when in use, well some of them.

Good desirable heaters should have features that take measures against fire hazards, overheat protection, and more so automatic shutdown in terms of tip over or knockdown. The heating elements should be placed where they are not likely to cause accidents.

4. Personal Situation

The main reason you need an infrared heater should be the driving force to obtaining the perfect heater that will serve the purpose of diligently without any haywire reactions. For instance, if you are going for a camp, a propane heater will be the perfect heater as well as for use on the patio.

There are also heaters meant to heat small areas while others are meant to be used in larger areas that come with increased heat demand. Obviously, the more watts the heater needs, the more energy it consumes, and therefore the higher the electric bill. This will ensure you don’t end up buying a 1500-watt heater when you only needed a 500-watt heater.

5. Warranty

Everybody wants a deal they can rely on should the worst happen, and the best way to guarantee a reliance between you as a user and the dealer is the warrant. Most genuine dealers of infrared heaters offer a warrant of at least twelve months.

Sometimes we get careless with these techy appliances while others all the wrong things just happen. You need the warrant to ensure that the heater will be attended to should you come to that road.

6. Price

You should always go to the heater that best suits the depth of your pocket. Most heater’s prices depend on the type, material, and amount of energy used. You don’t have to necessarily go for the more expensive models if the price is too high for you.

The availability of refurbished models allows people to go home with their preferred model at a very favorable price. In this regard, let your money match your desires to avoid disappointments.

Features of an Infrared Heater

Separate controllers for infrared heaters give you the flexibility of controlling and updating yours.

These features make the use of an infrared heater comfortable and very desirable in every wake and in every way possible. These features include:

Remote Control

The remote control gives the user maximum control. Enhanced controls can augment the experience of an outdoor heater making the system more responsive. The buttons on the remote control function in the same way as those on the control panel on the front of the heater.

Take control of your heater by being able to switch it on from any position of the house without necessarily going to the appliance for the settings.

For example, the Tansun 6 channel remote gives the user the option of up to six individual heating zones or heaters to be variably controlled. The remote also allows configuration that could enable it to receive at just the touch of the button, making it a very user-friendly controller.

Remote control timers on the other hand allow you to adjust the heating from a distance by the use of Bluetooth, wireless, or radio via dedicated remote control or an app

The remote control gives you the freedom to switch on, off, or adjust the heating from the comfort of your sitting place. This feature is more so applicable in the case of invalids and physically challenged users.

Heat Settings

After being sensible enough and opting to get yourself an infrared heater, you need to understand how to use heating settings to ensure that the heater works to your advantage and comfort without much hustle.

The heaters come with mainly varied heat settings that can range from low, medium, high to eco-setting. This setting ensures that you have a variety of options to choose from. High eco-setting is meant to maintain the natural humidity of the surrounding when the heater is on which ensures that the heat produced by the heater does not interfere with air or make the environment hostile.


Timers offer the most basic level of control. Once you activate the heater, it will stay on for a set amount of time before switching off. The timer can be activated by a motion sensor, button, or dial.

Timers allow you to have your room or space heating for a given period of time without your physical presence as the heater will automatically go off once the time has elapsed. Most infrared heaters are designed with a longer time period some going to a maximum of 12 hours ahead.


The thermostat feature is used to display the temperature of the room in which the heater is currently working on cutting the heating supply off should the room temperature reach the maximum and back on again.

They are meant to control the temperature depending on the individual need thus ensuring no incidents of overheating are experienced. With a smart heating system that will be reliable, a thermostat in each room that contains an infrared panel will be much advisable.

They provide options of presetting or even change of settings allowing you different patterns of heating.


The oscillation function in infrared heaters acts in a way that distributes warmth throughout the entire area evenly and at a faster rate. The oscillation function can be operated as a fan with the inclusion of the humidifier or alone. This function makes the heaters more efficient in the summertime.

LED Display

When the infrared is switched on, the LED display shows the room temperature. When it is set to auto mode, it will display the set value 2 minutes after the desired temperature is set.

Overheat Shut-off Protection System

Should the system face any overheating for whatever reason, be it a faulty plug in the system or surging current, the system is made with the protection to automatically shut itself down until it has been rectified.

Safety Tip-over Switch

The Dr. Infrared heater is designed in a way that an alarm will sound triggering the LED display to flash and thereby automatically shutting off should it be tipped in any direction.

To avoid tipping over incidents, the heater is designed should be placed on flat, smooth, stable, and leveled ground. When it is placed back in the proper position, the heater automatically is ready to be used.

Other Features of the Infrared Heater

1. Infrared Heaters Design

The infrared heaters come in various shapes, weights, designed in different favorable materials in a way that it will be an added touch to your home décor.

The designs are manageable and very friendly given their finishing and ease to move features that are enabled on some heaters with the available E Z castle wheels.

The cabinet can be made of wood mostly oak and stainless steel metal both of which incorporate the technology that makes them safe to touch making them safe. The fact that heating elements are covered and placed inside the cabinet and far from exposure makes the heaters even safer, especially around children and pets. The designs of the cabinet range from simple to eye-catching depending on what brings you more comfort.

Other infrared heaters have added features like the 3D flame with five flame color and brightness setting that works even when the heater is off. The digital thermostat display is also an advantage especially to those who give so much consideration to the humidity and temperature level in the air.

They also come with tiny blowers that release air at high pressure with low velocity ensuring the surrounding is free from noise that will otherwise have been produced by huge 7-inch fans.

2. The Maintenance of Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are durable and long-lasting if proper care and maintenance measures are practiced when using, handling, and storing it. Some of these measures include the following:

  • Store the heater in a clean dry place when not in use to avoid contact with water especially in the heating elements
  • Great care should be taken when cleaning it. Ensure it is off before any cleaning starts commences and also, it should be dry before it is put to use.
  • The heater should be serviced regularly by a professional to make the heater more reliable and long-lasting
  • The installation, operation, and service procedures meant to safeguard the working conditions of the heater should be followed by safety and reliable performances.
  • Just like any other electrical appliance, infrared heaters should be put on the same circuit should the user one to use more than one heater in one room
  • The care, handling, and maintenance procedures are different with each given heater. Therefore the user should follow the guidelines for the bought heater to ensure durability and longer lifespan

3. The Lifespan of Infrared Heaters

It’s a known common sense that if you so desire for a longer lifespan of an item, then proper measures should be taken in its use or handling, maintenance, care, and cleaning.  With the same knowledge, it is also advisable to look for a heater that has quality features, therefore, giving you as a user quality service for your money.

Similar to all electronic devices and appliances, the infrared heaters have an expected lifespan which is mainly determined by the life expectancy of quartz bulbs or tubes that are tasked with the production of infrared heat. These quartz bulbs have a life expectancy that is expected to be between 20,000 to 60,000 hours before being considered for replacement.

If you are considering getting yourself an infrared heater with a longer life expectance, then the quartz bulbs with a longer lifespan should be considered and put on the priority list.

4. Infrared Heaters and the Environment

Infrared heaters are very environmentally friendly as they do not emit toxins into the air that may impurify the air making it unfit for survival or resulting in very hazardous pollution. They produce clean and healthy heat that is cozy and comfortable. These conditions make the infrared heat favorable to all members of the household including the elderly and children in who most times are prone to reacting to impure air.

Infrared red heaters are designed to balance the natural humidity of the surrounding as it targets people and objects mostly without necessarily heating the air unless need be. This means that they do not encourage the existence of dry air that is irritating to the skin and airways. With well-humidified air, the balance of moisture in the air is maintained thus avoiding the altering of conditions in the room.

5. Infrared Heaters and the Noise Factor

Every one of us, when it comes to heaters, desires an appliance that is reliable, efficient, energy-saving, and at the same time provides the undisturbed comfort of noise-free environments. In terms of noise-free heaters, infrared heaters are there to fulfill your wants.

By the fact that infrared heaters are environmentally friendly means that they, among other advantages, do not engage in noise pollution. Most of the infrared heaters use blowers as compared to the traditional heaters that have almost 3-inch fans.

The blowers generate higher pressure that is then used to move larger volumes of air at a lower speed without the production of noise. This brings about a cozy feeling that seems more natural.

This means that the infrared heaters are favorable in places where silence is paramount for example hospitals, libraries, and homes with young children.

General Tips Before Buying an Infrared Heater

Should you want to buy an infrared heater for your family and a comfortable home, then you should start by looking at how much you want to spend on a heater. Knowing the number of dimes you are willing to spend leads you to the perfect wide range of heaters that have been narrowed down.

The use and place of use besides energy sources should also be put into considerations. Compare and contrast the available heaters from different brands and the warrant that comes with the appliance for a good and quality deal.

Heaters come with procedures to ensure their care and maintenance are made paramount. Ensure you go through them to avoid attempting anything with the heater that is not advisable or will render it spoilt.

Otherwise, if you are still undecided about the type of heater you want to get, my advice to you is that you should check out the infrared heaters.

Why You Need an Infrared Heater

Winter comes, evenings and early mornings get chilly in rainy seasons, and on some days the sun, the sun just can’t seem to rise. Coffee mugs become exhaustive and duvets become too heavy yet the freezing air doesn’t seem to get any better.

You could go to the Bahamas for a vacation, or you could opt to visit your distant very distant grandma in Israel that you’ve never met, but your client can’t seem to stop calling and bills got to be paid.

Well, why not get yourself an infrared heater that will make your home cozy and heavenly that you look forward to every evening, a heater that will convert your office into a comfortable haven of working place, and a heater that is in every way worth your every penny. An infrared heater serves you reliably saving your money and ensuring your satisfaction.

Infrared heaters are of reasonable size that will fit well in any décor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A lot of questions are asked about the best-infrared heaters by people across the world. Below are sample questions commonly asked and the corresponding response to each.

What model of an infrared heater is recommended for specific use for pets and animal warming?

It is possible to get such kinds of heaters from any of our infrared heater stores as a lot of these heaters are recommended for use with animals and pets in homes, pet shops, farms, veterinary, and so on.

The top recommended heaters for pets are the Fostoria FF Quartz Tube Assembly, Fostoria Trimline Quartz Tube Comfort Spot Heating Assemblies, Fostoria Mitey Midget Quartz Lamp Assemblies among others. I advise you to check with the stores dealing with infrared heaters in order to get further that is available to help in making a perfect choice.

What is the maximum size limit of a room to be fitted with an infrared heater?

The room size in which the infrared heater is required may differ depending on the size of the infrared heater itself. Infrared heaters come from various sizes and different heat intensity outputs. Be sure to check on the installation guidelines to see the perfect fit or area that a single heater may cover. There are up to 1000sq ft of the area that can be covered by a single heater.

Are the infrared heaters considered to be economical?

Yes, the infrared heaters are very economical. This is supported by the fact that they are affordable in the market, use zone heating which tends to use little energy that saves on power costs. Infrared heaters are also known to provide instant heat when switched on which cuts down the costs of pre-heating.

Therefore, it is safe to say that infrared heaters have been proven to cut the costs of electricity by almost half of what the other normal heaters use. They are also known to cause no environmental effects hence no panic of health problems that will otherwise cost extra bills.

Some heaters only use about 300 watts of electricity and a larger percentage of heat created is transferred out so you can get the best heating at a very low and affordable cost.

Is it advisable to use infrared heaters in the bathroom?

Not all infrared heaters are advisable to be used in the bathroom due to the high humidity concentration incurred in that zone.

However, should you want to heat your bathing areas, it is advisable to get yourself an infrared heater that will work diligently in that specified area and be able to withstand the conditions of the surrounding.

A good bathroom infrared heater will prevent molds and bring about the feeling of wellness provided by a spa-like environment in the bathroom.

Is it possible to heat the whole building with just one infrared heater?

Yes, it is very possible if the size of the building and that of the heater with its heating power are put into consideration.

A whole building can be efficiently warmed by a low-intensity infrared heater whose heating system has been effectively designed and perfectly installed properly as the radiant heater continues to supply enough comfy heating.

Also buying one large heater can be able to create a hot zone enough to heat the whole building.

How does prolonged exposure to the infrared radiations affect the users?

Apart from indirect thermal burns that have been noted, persons exposed to the radiations from the infrared heaters may develop distortion of the iris and opacity of the aqueous humor and I would recommend less exposure to the infrared radiation.

Do infrared heaters result in noise pollution? Are they noisy?

The range of infrared heaters provided are all installed with very quiet blowers, you will hardly notice it is on.

The blowers generate high pressure which in turn moves larger volumes of air at lower speed without any noise like the other heaters available in the market or older models. This makes infrared heaters very favorable should you have infants at home or invalids in clinics.

Is there any chance that my children or my pet can get burn accidents as a result of playing with or touching the infrared heater?

The infrared heaters are made and manufactured with precautions and measures to ensure the safety of their handler. But sometimes, especially when in use, the coils of the infrared heaters get extremely hot and often very dangerous especially to the children and pets who don’t know the dangers contained in this.

Infrared heaters due to this are being made and designed in a way that is much safer. Some are encased in cool-to-touch cabinets and disperse the heat produced within them using a fan.

Also, there is an automatic system of shut-off and an emergency tip-over switch which improves the safety of the whole infrared heater experience.


Infrared heaters are becoming the most preferable heaters in the market. They are reliable, work effectively, are efficient, and above all affordable in both buying and maintaining. The heaters come in various designs with unique finishing of cabinets ranging from antic oak wood to stainless steel metal cabinets that will be a plus to the interior décor of your home.

The preference for infrared heaters lies in their reliable and affordable prices. The dealers of infrared heaters offer a wide range of varieties that ensures your budget gets you the ultimate heater that will serve you and your family well.

They also offer an option of new heaters or refurbished ones at a subsidized price should you have an eye for a model that doesn’t equal your money.

Infrared heaters are the heaters you need to keep your environment warm and very comfortable be it indoors or outdoors without a price to pay for your health or constant maintenance fee.