11 Best Tabletop Patio Heater Reviews

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Imagine the disappointment of finding out that your new tabletop patio heater doesn’t meet your outdoor space heating requirements.

Worse still, you may land on a flimsy unit whose pilot light won’t light at all and can’t withstand the weather. With years of experience in outdoor heating under our belts, we’ve come across countless models.

However, Napoleon Tabletop Patio Heater is by far the best option available in the market today. It offers ample heat for a few friends. Besides, you can quickly assemble it, and it’s highly weather-resistant.

Let’s look at the top 11 best tabletop patio heaters available for this year.

11 Best Tabletop Patio Heater Chart

1. Napoleon Tabletop Patio Heater – Best Tabletop Heater Overall

When holding a small gathering with a couple of friends and family, you don’t need excessive heat. Investing in a more affordable yet still effective patio heater like Napoleon will save you from incurring extra costs. It has a heat output of 11000 BTUs, giving ample warmth if you sit around it within a five-foot radius.

Notably, it features a 304 stainless steel finish. As a result, it is weather-resistant. Thus, you can use it for a while before needing a replacement.

This patio heater is light, weighing only 18 pounds. Thus, it is highly portable; therefore, you are free to use it anywhere in your backyard. You can also place it on almost all surfaces ideal for a patio heater.

Moreover, it has a sturdy electronic push-button switch. You won’t have to struggle to get a flame going or generate heat production.


  • Sturdy 304 stainless steel build quality to ensure long-term use
  • Light and portable
  • An easy-to-use electronic push-button igniter
  • 11000 BTUs ideal for a small backyard gathering
  • Curved reflector top for better heat distribution


  • You have to hurdle around it as the heat supply might be inadequate
  • Quite pricey considering the heat output is low
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2. Hiland HLDS032-GTTHG – Best Portable Tabletop Heater

If you want a patio heater that you can also use during a weekend getaway in the wild, Hiland HLDS032 is the perfect unit. At just 14. 1 pounds, it is one of the lightest patio tabletop heaters you can find.

Secondly, this patio heater has a compact size of 12” by 12” by 39”. This allows you to place it at the center of your table and still have ample room for your food and drinks.

You won’t likely experience fire incidents as it has anti-tilt safety features like the broad base. It has an oxygen depletion sensor that will auto-shut it in case the flame goes out. Besides, it has CSA and ETL certification, which assures you that it meets high user safety standards.

When you use this patio heater with a one-pound propane tank, it will last about 2-3 hours. The tabletop heater is also compatible with a 20-pound tank. Therefore, it is very flexible and allows you to choose how often you want to replenish the fuel supply.

We also love its high-quality ISTA 3A packaging, which ensures you receive the tabletop patio heater in perfect condition. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


  • Light for effortless portability
  • Oxygen depletion sensor and anti-tilt safety feature
  • Compatible with a 5’ adapter to attach to a 20-pound propane tank
  • ETL and CSA certified
  • High-quality ISTA 3A packages for shipping
  • One-year warranty to cover manufacturer defects


  • The 9500 BTU heat output may be inadequate if you sit past three feet
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3. LIMQ 1500W Electric Patio Heater – Best Electric Patio Heater

Having to sit in awkward positions to get warmth is common since most patio heaters have a fixed height. Luckily, LIMQ can adjust through 1.60m – 2.10m. You can set it on numerous surfaces and effortlessly set the size accordingly for your convenience.

Furthermore, this electric patio heater has three heat settings. You are free to set the heat level that is ideal for you. So, during warmer weather, you can set it to low heat and save your energy expenses.

It has a broad anti-slip base that lowers tipping chances. However, if the electric patio heater falls accidentally, it automatically shuts to avoid any accidental fires.

The glass tube patio heater has an IP44 certification courtesy of its sturdy construction. Hence, you can use the weather-proof heater indoors or outdoors.


  • Adjustable height for convenience
  • Three different heat levels for different situations
  • Tipp over auto-off safety feature
  • Broad anti-slip sturdy base
  • Has IP44 certification hence ideal for outdoor use


  • Not pocket-friendly
  • The 1.5kWh heat output may not be sufficient for large patios
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4. AZ Patio Heaters HLDS032-CG – Best Bronze Finish Tabletop Heater

AZ Patio Heater is a superb choice if you want a small unit ideal for your patio. It has a variable heat output from 7000-11000 BTUs, which is adequate for a small gathering. Since the heat setting is variable, you can adjust and set the heat level depending on the prevailing conditions.

It features an aluminum and stainless steel finish. These ensure that it can withstand harsh weather conditions even if you forget it in your outdoor living space. Not to mention, the sturdy plastic top protects the heater from raindrops and other objects.

The thermocouple ensures the gas supply is cut-off in case the pilot light goes out. For this reason, you won’t experience gas leakage, which may ignite and cause devastating effects.

Finally, this patio heater has high-quality anti-tilt features like a broad base plate. Due to this, the chances of an accidental fire are minimal.


  • Sturdy aluminum and steel build quality for long-term use
  • Broad base plate for stability
  • Top plastic protector cover
  • Thermocouple for gas leak safety


  • The amount of heat may be insufficient for extensive use
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5. ZWJ-Outdoor Patio Heate – Best Height Adjustable Patio Heater

This is the ideal unit if you want to heat an expansive area of your patio. It can cover up to 60 square meters, making it perfect for holiday get-togethers with many guests.

Interestingly, you can adjust its height through an extra-wide range of 1.5-2.2m. Therefore, when you are few, you can reduce the size to a minimum. Plus, this allows you to set it in many places on your patio.

The sturdy reflective cover top concentrates heat for ample warmth. Simultaneously, it protects the burner for an uninterrupted heat supply.

Also, this patio heater has a broad 0.45m thickened base. This enhances sturdiness and reduces a toppling risk.

Finally, this unit has a high build quality of 304 stainless-steel materials for durability.


  • Adjustable height for the perfect position
  • Sturdy reflective cover for heat concentration
  • Easy-to-use ignition switch
  • Broad thickened base for anti-tilt
  • 304 stainless steel material for longevity


  • It is a little bit expensive
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6. Gardensun Golden Hammered Tabletop Heater – Best Patio Heater for Safety

This tabletop unit produces an amount of heat of up to 11000 BTUs making it excellent for a small group. It features a sturdy curved reflective top that concentrates the heat around it. So, you will minimize heat loss hence have ample warmth.

It has a thickened base that offers support to the heater. Because of this, the chances of tipping and a potential fire outbreak are minimal. Safety features also extend to the burner, which has a screen guard that prevents you from getting burned.

Assembling the unit is effortless, and it will take you a few minutes to have it ready for use. Moreover, using it is stress-free, and you can get it working at the light press of its igniter switch.

This patio heater weighs 14.3 pounds, making it one of the lightest tabletop patio heaters available. Thus, you can change its position on your patio however you like.


  • Light for stress-free portability
  • Weighted broad base for sturdiness
  • Curved reflective top for ample warmth
  • Burner screen guard for user safety


  • The amount of heat may be insufficient for large gatherings
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7. Garden Treasures Floorstanding Patio Heater – Best Tabletop Patio Heater for Heat Supply

This is an ideal option if you need lots of heat on your patio. With a heat output of 48000 BTUs, this propane heater offers ample heat that can cover up to 200 square feet. With this patio heater, you can forget about the close, uncomfortable hurdling around your heater.

Although it is quite heavy, it is one of the few patio heaters with wheels. The wheels make it easier for you to relocate the patio heater from one place to another.

If you are relaxing on your patio with a friend, carrying a heavy table around is unnecessary. Its spacious tabletop allows both of you to place your drinks on it.

Something you will find in very few outdoor heaters is the 20-pound propane cylinder house. Because of the large propane cylinder housing, you don’t have to use a hose, minimizing the risks of a potential leak.

It has a heavier base compared to its top, which lowers the COG. This, in turn, offers better support reducing toppling risk. Besides, it also features screw attachment extensions to the base that you can use to improve its sturdiness. Indeed, it has top-notch stability and safety features.

Lastly, this outdoor space heater crafts from heat-treated stainless steel that ensures it can withstand harsh weather. As a result, you can use it for outdoor space heating.


  • Wheels to ease portability
  • Expansive coverage area
  • Powerful for ample heat supply
  • Heat-treated stainless-steel construction for weather-resistance
  • Tabletop to hold drinks


  • Quite heavy
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8. Hiland HLDS032-BB Portable – Best Tabletop Patio Heater for Aesthetics

This AZ patio heater comes in six different finish options, allowing you to pick what you like best. It has a heat output of 11000 BTUs that supplies ample warmth for you plus a few more people.

You will enjoy installing it as it takes a concise while. The tiltable regulator accommodates a one-pound propane tank with ease. The access door is also wide enough, giving you a smooth time installing your fuel supply tank.

The broad thickened base lowers COG ensuring sturdier support to the unit. This minimizes the toppling risk; hence you won’t likely encounter fire incidences. Also, this propane heater has a thermocouple that auto-cuts the gas supply in case the flame is out. A screen guard ensures that you don’t accidentally burn yourself.

Since it has a one-year warranty to cover manufacturer defects, you are sure of getting your investment’s worth.


  • Tiltable regulator to ease propane tank installation
  • Broad weighted base for stability
  • Heat screen for safety
  • Thermocouple for gas leak prevention
  • One-year warranty


  • Not ideal for expansive heating
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9. Patio Heater by TIANQ – Best Patio Heater for Usability

Here is an affordable yet effective tabletop patio heater that offers ample warmth. Notably, it has a heat output of 46000 BTUs and covers up to 18 feet. In effect, it provides you adequate heat while ensuring you don’t have to sit uncomfortably close to enjoy sufficient warmth.

Installing the unit is stress-free, plus the come-along instructions ease things for you if you get stuck. This propane tabletop heater has a broad weighted base that enhances its steadiness. Simultaneously, this base houses a one-pound propane tank that is a breeze to attach. You can also use a hose to connect to a 20-pound propane tank. The piezo ignition system makes starting the unit a cinch with a quick button press.

It features stainless steel construction and a double-mantle metallic heating grid. It is also weather-proof, thus allowing you to use it for a long while.

If the flame goes out, it automatically cuts out the gas supply. Therefore, you won’t experience leaks that may end up being fatal in case of ignition.

Finally, it has wheels that will allow you to move it to different locations quickly.


  • Wheel to ease mobility
  • 46000 BTUs offer powerful and expensive heating
  • Auto shut-off in case of tip-over for safety
  • Piezo ignition to save time
  • Durable construction and easy to assemble


  • Can tip over during strong winds
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10. Hampton Bay Tabletop Heater – Best Patio Heater for Small Spaces

Hampton Bay is a highly efficient heater with a heat output of 11000 BTU. It is perfect for small heating requirements. It is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it weather-resistant.

Its state-of-the-art safety features ensure you relish in its warmth without worry. It has a broad weighted base that increases its stability minimizing the chances of tipping over. Also, it automatically cuts off the fuel supply in case the flame accidentally goes out. These mechanisms minimize the chances of unwanted fires and associated effects.

It has a sturdy grid around its burner. As a result, it prevents you from burning yourself if you accidentally graze it.

What’s more, its sturdy curved heat reflector top concentrates heat around it. Consequently, it lowers heat loss; hence you don’t have to set it at a high heat level for ample warmth.


  • Auto-shutoff tilt-valve for safety
  • Crafts from stainless-steel for longevity
  • Grid around the burner for safety
  • Broad weighted sturdy base
  • Durable curved heat reflector for concentration


  • Vents on canister housing may lead to gas freezing
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11. Mosaic Tabletop Patio Heater – Best Budget-Friendly Tabletop Patio Heater

The best thing about the Mosaic Tabletop Patio Heater is that you don’t have to spend so much money to enjoy some warmth. It is the tabletop patio heater with the most affordable price point on our list. It has a heat reflector top that minimizes heat loss; hence you’ll need lesser heat to feel warm.

Notably, this propane tabletop heater comes from powder-coated stainless steel. Because of this, you can use it in your backyard without it succumbing to rust damage.

Its quality safety features are also what made us add it to our list. Interestingly, it will automatically shut off if the flame gets extinguished. This prevents a gas leak that could ignite and be devastating.

Its broad weighted base lowers COG and, in turn, promotes the stability of the heater. With the tipping risk minimized, the chances of fire outbreaks are also low.

Furthermore, it has a safety grid around its burner to ensure you won’t burn yourself accidentally.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Powder-coated stainless steel durable construction
  • Flame failure auto-shut-off feature
  • Broad weighted stable base
  • Safety grid around the burner


  • Inadequate heat supply for large groups
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Buying Guide. What Makes a Good Tabletop Heater?

To pick a top-quality tabletop patio heater, you should examine a few things.

Heat Output

This is the first thing you should examine in a heater to ensure it can meet your heating needs. Propane heaters express this in terms of BTUs while electric heaters use kWh.

Small-sized propane heaters will have an amount of heat that ranges between 3000-12000 BTUs. This heat output offers ample warmth for about four or five people seated around it. Due to this, they are excellent for small families or relaxing with a few friends.

The higher the BTUs of your patio heater, the more you will get out of it. Plus, patio heaters with a high BTU rating have expansive coverage areas.

A simple way to estimate the BTUs you’ll require is multiplying the temperature increase you want with the heating area’s cubic feet. For instance, if you have a 1000 cubic feet patio and want a ten-degree rise, go for 10,000 BTU propane heaters.

If you love having many guests over or live in cold regions, it is best to go for 40000 BTU patio heaters and above. Such heaters can heat up to 2000 Square feet with ease. Dome and pyramid-shaped heaters are usually more massive and have higher BTU ratings. Thus, they can cover more expansive areas than smaller tabletop models.

Tabletop patio heaters have different heights, affecting how much heat you can feel from them. The top’s shape also affects heat output. For instance, a tabletop patio heater with a curved mushroom-like shape allows you to feel more heat.

Storage and Portability

If you constantly move from place to place, you may consider getting a lightweight heater. Some tabletop patio heaters can weigh lesser than 20 pounds hence more comfortable to carry than heavy models.

Also, consider a unit that you can assemble and disengage with ease. Alternatively, you can go for a heater with an adjustable height. You may not need to dismantle such types of tabletop heaters to achieve a compact shape ideal for your travels. Several electrical heaters can offer you even more compact sizes that make portability effortless.

Even with a durably constructed heater, it is best to get a cover to protect it from the elements. Getting a patio heater with wheels will help you quickly move it aside when you aren’t using it. If you want to keep your heater indoors, disengage the propane attachment before storing it.

Safety Features

Provided there is a fire or heating involved, there are chances of having a fire accident. For this reason, most tabletop heaters will have safety features to protect against them. Below are the safety features to checkout for in a patio heater.

Stability and Shut-Off Valve

A shut-off valve ensures the fuel supply gets cut off in case of flameout and tilting. A weighted base lowers the COG, providing stability. However, this doesn’t wholly eliminate a tip-over risk.

A few patio heaters have screw attachment points on the bases. You can use these if you want to keep your heater stationery for a long time.

Hoses and Cables

If you are using an electric patio heater, go for one with a long cable. This allows you to take it away securely. You can use an extension hose to a larger propane tank on most propane heaters. Make sure that the base of your heater is stable enough to support the propane tank hose attachment.

Burner Guards

Burner guards on your heater ensure that you won’t accidentally burn yourself. Burner guards are essential if you have curious small children.

Tabletop Patio Heater Versus a Traditional Full-size Heater

Are you wondering if you should go for a tabletop patio heater or a traditional full-size heater? Let’s help you choose by highlighting the benefits and demerits of each.

Benefits of Tabletop Patio Heaters over Traditional Full-Size Heaters

  • Tabletop patio heaters are compact. They won’t consume much space, making them excellent for small spaces. Besides, they are more portable so you can take them with you during a camping trip.
  • Tabletop units allow you to feel the heat faster since they are closer than full-sized ones. Because of the swift heat travel from them, you won’t need to set the heat level very high. Hence, you will conserve more energy and spend less.

Benefits of Traditional Full-Size Heater Over Tabletop Patio Heater

  • They have a higher BTU rating hence emit more heat.
  • They cover more expansive areas than tabletop units. Because of this, they are ideal for parties and when you have many people over.


What Is a Tabletop Patio Heater?

You can use a tabletop patio heater as a warmth source in your outdoor living space. These are heaters that you’ll typically place on a table or some other surface. Depending on whether propane models or electric ones, patio heaters deliver heat but in different mechanisms. Propane units use convection, whereas electric ones use radiation.

Can You Use a Patio Heater Under a Covered Patio?

Yes, you can use some but not all patio heaters under a covered patio. Whether you can or can’t depends on the kind of heater and the size of your patio. More so, you have to observe a specific clearance for each particular patio heater, as this varies.

For instance, electric patio heaters will only need ½’ clearance from your roof. Natural gas and propane mushroom heaters require about 2’ from your roof.

Why Should I Consider a Tabletop Patio Heater Over Other Patio Heating Methods?

Tabletop patio heaters have numerous benefits;

  • Even heat distribution. Most patio heaters have a curved reflective top that spreads heat uniformly around them.
  • They are light and compact; hence you can move with them effortlessly.
  • They have a beautiful design that will enhance your décor, whether exterior or indoors. Lighting is not their primary function. However, having several patio heaters lit at night can offer you some of the most epic appearances in your living space.


Investing in a quality tabletop patio heater is a vital step if you want to enjoy your outdoor space more. If you don’t want to cook or grill, why should you do an expensive fire pit installation? Besides, tabletop patio heaters are the best option if you live in a rented space.

From our above list of eleven best outdoor heaters, you can find one that perfectly suits your needs. These patio heaters are highly efficient, can withstand harsh weather, have excellent safety features, and are portable. Besides, they are perfect for both small and large gatherings. So, don’t hesitate to buy one of them for both indoor and outdoor use.

Always remember to maintain safety measures when handling tabletop patio heaters. Consider the recommended distance to use your heater. Even though most tabletop patio heaters have an auto-off tip-over mechanism, they may be faulty sometimes. Always keep a method of fire extinguishing close to your heater.