10 Best Patio Fire Pit Reviews

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Endless fun during summer is a dream come true when you have the best patio fire pit. You will be able to spice up social gatherings and roast enough hotdogs or marshmallows to take you through the night. A good pit should be easy to use, cost-effective, and durable.

We understand how difficult it is to select one from a flooded market. After researching for years and comparing different brands, we narrowed it down to the 10 best fire pits for patio, backyard, and more.

However, Outland Living Series 403-Espresso stood out because it’s easy to use, portable, affordable, and has plenty of features. We have also provided a buying guide to help you further.

Let’s jump straight to the reviews.

Top 10 Best Patio Fire Pit Reviews

1. Outland Living Series 403-espresso Brown Fire Table – Best Value for the Money

The Outland Living Series 403 is an international design award-winner fire pit. It is aesthetic to complement your outdoor space. The table comes from quality steel construction and aluminum combinations. This makes it sustainable and easy to move from place to place.

It’s covered with Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene, which protects your fire table from extreme weather conditions like UV rays. Moreover, this fire grate is rated 50000BTUs, which provides more warmth.

Finally, the stress-free assembly, CAS approval, and effective wind guard are some of the extra features that make the fire table outstanding.


  • Sturdy construction which guarantees durable use
  • Very attractive and fits well in beautifying the patio
  • 50000BTUs provides sufficient heat
  • Has a good wind guard and weather resistant


The automatic starter won’t start well.

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2. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit – Best For Outdoor Use

This is a 19.5-inch fire pit for outdoors. It is small and takes little space, so you can worry less if your patio is small. The pit is crafted from quality stainless steel. Apart from durability, it is rust-resistant and great for all weather conditions.

The double-wall design and bottom vent holes on the pit maximize airflow and the burning process. This leads to smooth combustion due to efficient burn. Therefore, you will spend little time dogging smoke but more time warming yourself and enjoying it.

The small-sized pit comes with a portable design making your life more comfortable. It is also easy to use since it doesn’t have a complex assembling process. Overall, this is a very efficient fire pit, which is moderately priced.


  • No complicated set up required
  • Very sturdy and sustainable materials
  • Easy to use
  • Portable and comes with a free carry case
  • Doesn’t require gas or propane for burning


  • The smokeless feature is just for marketing purposes
  • Small and won’t serve many users
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3. Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit – Best Value for the Money

Landmann 28345 fire pit is on our list because it is the market’s best value unit. It is massive with stars and moon cutouts. You will love how it looks when lit with the moon and stars design, especially at night.

About durability, this pit comes from a quality steel constitution with a black finish. You will say no to the low-quality rusting competitors and welcome this long-lasting fire pit. Additionally, the pit arrives with a cooking grate and spark screen with poker for extra functions.

Finally, its wide legs offer stability while the full circle handle and the safety ring offer portability.


  • The moon and stars patterns are good looking.
  • Durable metal construction
  • Easy to transport to your desired places
  • Large and ideal for many users
  • Has a mesh guard to contain the sparks


Welding is done poorly. The rings around are not even.

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4. BS Wildlife Fire Pit – Best For Patio or Backyard

Do you love wildlife? This fire pit is inspired by wildlife cutouts, making it attractive, especially when the pit is on. It has a spark screen and poker to shield you from notorious sparks that can cause injuries.

Forget about the poor quality fire pits on the market that break your bank and deliver nothing. This fire pit comes from steel construction, and it will undoubtedly last you for ages. It also has wide legs for stability and safety. If you want to move the fire pit, simply use the available circle handle and safety ring.


  • Has a spark guard and lifting loop
  • Beautiful animal cutouts
  • Made from quality heat resistant
  • Fits nicely in the patio or backyard without sacrificing space
  • Very beautiful and sturdy


  • Prone to quick rusting
  • Welding around the legs feels poorly done
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5. Catalina Creations 29″ Heavy Duty – Best Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit for Durability

Enjoying quality warmth for years to come requires sturdy outdoor fire pits, right? Well, the Catalina brand delivers unique outdoor fire pits made from heavy-duty cast iron. This takes you through a test of time without repairs or adjustments.

The pit is big, but it will not take the entire space in your patio or yard. It is stylish with moon cuts, which makes it lovely when lit. Additionally, the pit has a wire mesh spark screen. Other extra features include; screen lifting tool, log grate, and protective outdoor cover. All these features meet and exceed your requirements.

The cast iron steel construction means no rusting. It is also a good heat resistant metal, thus guaranteeing long-lasting use.


  • Made to last you for ages
  • Contains the sparks for safe use
  • Has wide legs for stability
  • Iron steel construction that never rusts
  • Stylish design with star and moon cutouts


  • Heavy metal and demanding when carrying
  • Some sections have thin cast iron
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6. Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit – Best Design Fire Pit for Easy Use

We wanted your patio to look attractive, and that is why we included this fire pit in our recommendation. It has a deep design that provides space for the raging fire. You can now eliminate the notorious sparks quickly thanks to the mesh cover. This keeps you safe while you use the fire pit.

Expect more giant flames with consistent fire from this unit due to the built-in circular system. Unlike other fire pits that don’t accept BBQ, this model features a chrome-plated cooking grid so BBQ will work well. Also, the base is very stable and safeguards the fire pit. Finally, this is among the cheapest outdoor fire pits offering value for money.


  • The deep design offers space for raging fire
  • Mesh cover to contain sparks
  • Very stable and safe to use
  • Allows BBQ
  • Has a circular air system to keep the fire burning


  • Complex to assemble for use
  • The black coat shades off
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7. Sunnydaze Cauldron Outdoor Fire Pit – Best Rustic Fire Pit for a Beautiful Backyard

Sunnydaze Cauldron is a fire pit large enough to accommodate several people on the patio. It’s crafted from thick steel construction with a bronze finish so that you will have a durable patio free from rust. The fire pit is also a very portable unit. You can use it in the patio or backyard.

It is among the few fire pits to choose from when you want safety since it has stable legs and metal round spark screen to protect you from the flying sparks. This allows you to warm yourself peacefully. The built-in wood grate is also another great feature for better airflow.

Finally, the other protective feature is the flame and lift mesh screen protector, which prevents your hands from burning. The fire pit is easy to set up and will require no complex tools.


  • Has a mesh cover to protect you from the sparks
  • Very stable on the three legs
  • Sets up in few minutes
  • Large design to accommodate a large group
  • Very durable construction


  • Heavy fire pit
  • The bottom section easily rusts after some use
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8. Bali Outdoors Propane Gas Fire Pit Table – Best Gas Fire Pit For Smokeless Use

When hunting for a good fire pit to suit your outdoors, Bali is a sure way to spend the night out and get the right warmth. It is perfect during winter since the distribution of heat is diverse thanks to the 50000 BTUs.

It features a hidden control panel with electronic ignition. This allows you to use it easily and also provides the safety you need while warming on the fire. This fire pit comes with 15lb fire glass with steady legs and weighs 70lbs. This makes it stable and portable.

The fire pit is easy to assemble and looks attractive on your patio as it produces propane fire.


  • Ignites from a push of a button
  • Has a hidden panel for settings
  • Durable and stable body
  • Smokeless fire pit
  • 50000 BTUs for adequate heat


  • The built-in ignitor is unreliable
  • The screws are not labeled and will take time to set up
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9. Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit – Best Compact Fire Pit for Safe Use

If you are looking for a high-quality outdoor pat pit that burns clean and smokeless, Heininger 5995 offers precisely that and comes with a full propane tank. It is a good portable unit that perfectly fits various places, including camping, backyards, patio, or tailgating. This makes the use versatile and also an excellent decoration for your patio.

The 58,000 BTUs deliver the right amount of heat you need for a group warming. Therefore, it will work marvelously during the chill winter. Unlike other fire pits that never meet the safety guidelines, this model is CSA-approved and great for all your campfire activities.

It is also light and easy to carry. The accessories included in the package are 10 ft hose and lava rocks.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Excellent heat due to the high BTUs
  • Versatile for all your outdoor locations
  • CSA approved and safe for you
  • Comes with extra accessories


The flames are, at times, uncontrollable.

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10. Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit – Best for Cooking

Bali is one of the most sought-after brands on the market. This unit is a cheap outdoor fire pit. We included it on our list because it’s sturdy and will last you forever. It comes with a lot of features distinguishing it from competitors.

First, it is a multifunctional design with a grill that rotates an entire 360 degrees, making it easier to share the grill’s contents. It also features a collapsible triangle frame rack that holds the logs for adequate ventilation. This results in complete burning without smoke.

It has a student base construction, which makes warming around the fire pit safe and secure. Finally, the grill is easy to assemble and use.


  • Made to last longer
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a stable and sturdy base
  • Multifunctional type
  • The grill moves through 250 degrees
  • Comes with Poker and Log Rack


  • The paint job is terrible
  • Some screws are not tapped properly
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Buying Guide – Things You Need to Know Before Buying

1. What Is a Fire Pit?

A fire pit is an area designed to hold wood, propane, or natural gas. Once ignited, it releases warmth to the surrounding. Some fire pits play more than warming, so they come with a grill where you can roast beef and enjoy.

2. Why You Need a Fire Pit?

A fire pit is essential for anybody ready to spend time outside the house and catch a breeze in the patio or backyard while warming.

It is also a good way to get rid of papers and small documents.

You need a fire pit to keep warm during winter or when the weather turns chilly. The firepit has regulated heat to keep your patio warm and good for relaxing.

You need an outdoor patio fire pit to keep guests warm if you are set to spend a night in the open air.

Patio fire pits add decor to the place of choice. Some come with unique patterns, so when you lit it, the display is attractive.

3. Different Types of Patio/backyard Fire Pits

Fire pits come in a variety of styles where you can choose the one that meets your needs. You can also build a fire pit with some essential tools and enjoy services.

Here are the different types of fire pits available for you:

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are common and easy to use. Most of them are small and portable. Hence you can use them anywhere you prefer in your backyard or patio. When you are considering remodeling your project, a good fire pit is the bowl type.

The fire bowls arrive in different sizes and produce the flame you need to serve an extensive area in your patio. The bowls are designed in different shapes to hold wood and glass beads, depending on the type of fuel you are using.

The small-sized fire bowls allow you to sit on the floor or on a high chair to catch the warmth evenly.

As much as the fire bowls are popular and loved by many patio owners, some produce smoke that can be a bother.

Fire Pits

In most cases, fire pit styles are suitable if you have a large backyard. It is commonly a DIY project. The most simple one involves sinking a pit in your yard where you can safely start a fire. Fire pits are massive, and some go up to 10 ft in diameter.

If you host social events regularly with a large social gathering, then a fire pit might be perfect. If you lack the skills and artistry to make one for yourself, hire a contractor for a long-lasting and professional-looking fire pit.

Fire Rings

Fire rings resemble a traditional campfire. They are classically designed with a lovely look. Fire rings come from metal, and most of them have cut-out patterns inspired by wildlife, nature, or other patterns of your choice.

Often fire rings are easy to move around your patio due to their lightweight nature. The fire rings appear shorter in height than typical fire pit tables. This is why they rest directly on the ground to spread heat evenly.

The fire rings come in two types

  • With bottom bowls – they are suitable for a portable fire
  • Without bowls – they are perfect for a fire you build directly on the ground

Both types of bowls keep the fire intact and prevent kids, pets, and spreading fire from damaging the patio. Fire rings can work independently, or you can insert them in a larger pit table.

Fire Tables

You can confuse it with an outdoor dining table with a fire camp at the center. The fire tables are often filled with propane tanks. Using wood is highly discouraged because of the razing sparks that can quickly spread and injure the users.

The fun part of a fire pit table and why most users prefer them is the space available for setting a glass of wine or food while you catch the warmth from the table. Luckily, the tabletops arrive in various sizes, colors, and designs. Therefore, it’s simpler to choose something that fits well and a table that matches your patio’s decor.

Tabletop Pits

If you have limited space, a fire pit tabletop works wonders. They sit nicely on the top of a patio table and occupy little space. The tabletop pits are lightweight and portable. Most of the top pits are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Due to their small sizes, they are not fit to use as grilling zones. However, it is easy to use and can fit anywhere without taking too much space.

Fire Columns

The fire columns are familiar to users who prefer elegance. They are small and space-saving. You can place it anywhere and get even warmth from your sitting place. The fire columns are tall and feature a thinner design.

Another notable feature on the fire columns is the side stone, which holds it together. This is also aesthetic, and it beautifies your patio.

4. Types of Fuel

There are two common types of firepit fuels: wood and gas. Depending on your type of fire pit and general needs, you can choose the one that suits your preference. Let’s see what each entails.


Burning wood is a common and traditional way to set up campfires. It is natural, very cheap, and sets the mood for a unique fire camp in your patio or backyard. Even though wood is common, it has some downsides that you need to keep in mind.

First, wood-burning takes time to set, so you have to invest a lot of time and commitment in starting the fire. Also, wood fuel types are challenging to maintain, especially cleaning.

Wood naturally produces smoke and sparks. The smoke causes discomfort to people who are allergic. If not well contained, the sparks produced can spread and set the damage to the patio. This is why a good fire pit should have a mesh to control the spread of sparks. Overall, you need more time to check on a wood fuel than maintain the gas types.


These types of fire pits are complex and have advanced features. They run on propane or other natural gases that can be remotely found. The propane fire pits propane is easy to ignite with a press of a button. You even have controls to regulate the amount of heat from the fire pit.

The gas types are costly to run and produce less heat when compared to the wood types. Natural gas units often have smooth stones, lava rocks, or glass beads that beautify the fire pit. If you hate smoke, you can opt for the gas fire pits for your patio.

5. Common Fire Pit Materials

Fire pits are crafted from different materials. This explains their quality, ease of use, portability, and even functionality. Below is a review of the different materials you will find on fire pits.


You are likely to embrace copper if you’re looking for the best outdoor fire pit that boasts quality and durability. Copper is heat resistant and will still provide warmth when the fire is out.

Despite the excellent heat retention, you need extra time to maintain copper fire pits. Be ready for frequent cleaning. Another issue with copper-made fire pits is they are highly-priced. Therefore, be prepared to break the bank.


If you are looking for a rust-resistant fire pit for an outdoor area, you can consider steel models. They are coated in dark corrosion-resistant metal to last longer.

Its legs are also made of stainless steel and wide enough for stability. Steel is lighter and suitable if you prefer a portable fire pit. Compared to copper, it is easier to maintain.

Cast Iron

Iron is known to spread heat evenly and also retain heat for warming the patio when the fire is off. Solid iron is heavy and hard to knock over. It can stay in the same place for safe use. If you are looking for safety, the cast-iron units work well.

They also transform the looks of your patio thanks to the rustic feel. You will enjoy endless summer evenings. The only disadvantage is the high-cost wire you will need to invest more to acquire the fire unit.

Cast Aluminum

Another excellent quality material on a fire pit is cast aluminum. It is a heavy-duty type built to last for ages. This unit isn’t hollow like other aluminum types, and that explains why it is heavier.

One of the most beautiful things about the cast aluminum units is they are rust-resistant and durable. It’s long-lasting. Thus it can even serve your grandchildren.

Wicker Construction

This is one of the stylish designs of fire pit tables. It features a metal frame with woven wicker that hides the metal fire pit.

Wicker is terrific if you want to improve the beauty of the patio. One of the downsides of the wicker type is it requires high maintenance.

Fiberglass Construction

If you are looking for a fire pit that replicates the look of polished stone, Fiberglass types work well. They come from fiber-reinforced plastic, which is long-lasting.

It favors portability thanks to the lightweight and durable construction. The advantage of fiberglass is that it never rusts, and it can transform your patio aesthetically.


Stone fire pits are the common and most affordable types on the market. They match well with patio decorations and feature a natural feel. Stone units are still heavy. You will find them helpful if you don’t plan to move the fire pit from place to place.

Even more, you need to be careful with the temperatures subjected to the stone. In the extreme ends, the stones can get damaged. The main advantage of stone types is that they never rust as metal units do. Also, they are easy to maintain.

6. The Three Styles of Firepit Tables

Firepit tables are common and come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. The fashionable shapes include:

a) Table Styles Fire Pit

It is also called a mantle fire pit and is very common in the backyards and patios. It is a hybrid style that comes from a blended coffee and bistro table. The mid-height profile is another feature you will find influential on this style of a table fire pit. It ensures the even distribution of heat while seated or standing.

b) The Fire Bowl Style

Perhaps you’ve come across the round and bowl-like shaped fire pits. They feature a low profile with a unique look. The ground design ensures this fire pit releases heat in a 360 degrees format. This is why fire pits are common during social gatherings.

c) Chiminea Styles

They are easily noticeable with their freestanding and tall appearance. Chiminea has a rustic finish that brings the charm you need to your patio. They have a round design, and the top looks like a chimney. They have a cover mesh that protects you from sparks and razing fire.

7. Things to Consider Before You Buy a Fire Pit

The market is full of fire pits, and manufacturers continue producing more advanced fire pits for your patio. How do you pick the best from the flooded market? We have prepared a brief of the things you need to check out before making a buying decision. This will save you big time.

The Type of Fire Pit

There are different types of fire pits on the market. They come in unique designs, styles and have a variety of features that differentiate them.

There are big and small types, propane fire and wood fueled types. Ensure you choose the one that meets your demands. You can also find something that adds décor to your patio.


This is another crucial thing you need to have at the back of your mind when buying a fire pit. It is best to have a portable unit when you plan to use the fire pit in various places in your backyard.

An excellent mobile type we recommend from our list is the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit. It is small and light. You’ll never worry when you have it among the outdoor fire pits.


Before you buy a fire pit, ensure it is within your budget. Different types come loaded with extra features. This affects their prices. Also, the types of materials used during construction influence the pricing. You will find copper types more expensive because they are sturdy and durable.

8. How to Make the Fire Pit Safe?

A fire pit offers endless summer joy. You will have company around the firepit and engage in hearty conversations. However, if not handled well, a fire pit can become disastrous. Here are the key things you need to do for safety purposes;

  • Have an extinguisher around. This is essential since fire pits are often unpredictable. In case of a fire outbreak, you can quickly grab the extinguisher and put out the fire. Alternatively, you can have a water point near your fire pit. This is important when starting a wood type fire pit.
  • Always monitor your kids and pets. Kids often touch everything they come across. Educate your kids on the dangers of fire pits by illustrating what can happen if they don’t take necessary precautions. Also, keep pets away.
  • Avoid using flammables to start a fire.
  • Build a fire pit at a higher level from the ground. This is a good way to protect pets who love exploring the ground. Ensure its build at a good height and away from hidden spaces.
  • Eliminate debris and dried grass from your patio area before you lit the fire pit. Dried grass is susceptible to fires, and therefore, it is vital to remove it before you kindle a fire.
  • Ensure you cover the fire pits and chimineas with a spark guard. This is key to contain the spread of sparks that can easily cause a bug fire.
  • Educate all your guests and family members on how to run the fire pit. Show them all the key settings for easy operation when you are away. This will help in case of an emergency.

9. How to Clean a Firepit?

Buying a good fire pit is the first step. To ensure it remains functional for a long time, it needs good maintenance. Some metals rust easily.

Check to see the fire pit’s best maintenance routines then follow it to safeguard your fire pit. We have provided some tips on cleaning the different types of fire pits; check them below.

a) Cleaning a Wood-burning Fire Pit

There are usually wood leftovers after a natural campfire. The ashes should be cleaned regularly when you are done using the fire pit. Wait for the ashes to cool overnight.

Put on protective gloves then remove the large pieces of wood from the ashes. Using your ash scoop, move all the debris and ashes to the collecting basket.

Dispose of the ashes carefully and ensure it is in line with the safety regulations in your region.

b) Cleaning Your Gas Fire Pit

When your gas pit starts to look dull, remove any debris around. You can pick the glass components and carefully remove them from the pit then place them in a safe unit. You can also check for the broken pierce and vacuum them off from the bottom.

10. How to Clean Different Types of Materials

As explained earlier, there are a variety of materials used to craft fire pits. Each material differs from the other and requires careful routine maintenance.

Stone or Masonry Types

Cleaning requires you to put on protective gear. The gloves are suitable. While brushing the stones, you will remove the stains. Do this routine maintenance once the stone is cool. You can also apply a stone sealant to prevent soot from sticking.

Steel Construction Types

Stainless steel construction types are easy to clean. Use soapy water to remove soot and debris then leave it to dry for the next day’s use.

Cast Iron

Iron rusts easily. Taking good care of your cast iron fire pit to prevent rusting is critical. Use steel wool to scrub off any rust from the metal. Rinse then dry them using a dry cloth.


In most cases, copper requires lacquer treatment for easy cleaning. If it is treated, use a piece of cloth and wipe off the suits, and smoke. If it is not treated, take a lemon and sprinkle the juice on the surface. Use a rag to wipe the mess.


What wood is best for a fire pit?

Oak and Hickory are the two best wood types to use in a fire pit. Oak is everywhere, so it is easy for campers to get it for a campfire.

It burns slowly and steadily; hence, you will not need plenty of wood. Hickory on the other side is better than oak and other woods. It holds less water and burns quickly and produces a hotter flame.

Should you put sand in the bottom of the firepit?

Yes, it is vital to have sand under the metal. This protects the metal from extreme heat. Sand absorbs the heat and disperses it evenly through the base of the pit.

Can you put a fire pit on a patio?

Yes, you can put a fire pit in the patio, provided you check on the safety regulations. How high is your ceiling from the heat? You can also research the rules and approval of your city.

What is the best outdoor fire pit?

The best outdoor fire pit type is Outland Living Series 403-Espresso. This is simple to set up, features heavy-duty construction, weather-resistant, and portable to your preferred areas.

Can I have a fire pit on my patio?

Yes, you can have the fire pit on your patio. But first, find out the type of fire pit you plan to take on the patio. We have the lightest types which we recommend. We also have mesh-cover types which prevent flames and sparks from escaping.

What is a good BTU for an outdoor fire pit?

A suitable BTU for an outdoor fire pit should be between 30000 to 100000 BTUs. In most cases, the average types at 50,000 BTUs are the best since they can produce enough heat to serve a larger area.


Investing in a good patio pit will give you endless summer fun. You don’t have to waste money or break the bank trying to get a good campsite fire pit.

We have provided you with affordable units to pick, buy, and enjoy the outcomes. Moreover, we have also given you a buying guide to ensure you have the right information before your purchase.

Now that you are set pick one from our recommended products and experience the best outdoor fire at the comfort of your patio.