8 Best Pyramid Patio Heater Reviews for Outdoor Use

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When shopping for a pyramid patio heater, BTU rating shouldn’t be the only thing in your mind. Otherwise, you may end up buying a massive model that isn’t portable, takes ages to assemble, and is difficult to use.

After looking at numerous pyramid patio heaters and factoring in recommendations from other top expertsThermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater stood out from other patio heaters. This heater makes it to the top of our list because it has top-class safety features. It is also durable and offers ample heat supply.

Let’s take a keener look into this masterpiece pyramid heater and seven other best pyramid patio heaters.

8 Best Pyramid Patio Heater (Comparison Chart)

1. Thermo Tiki Outdoor Patio Heater – Commercial LP Gas Porch & Deck Heater –  Top Pick

With a high-quality stainless steel and aluminum finish, Thermo Tiki has a high-class look that will harmoniously blend with your décor. The quality construction ensures it remains stylish even after months of facing harsh weather conditions.

This 7’6″ tall pyramid heater offers a heat output of 38000 BTU. Since it has an efficient top cover heat reflector, this outdoor patio heater can supply heat around a 7.5′ radius. Isn’t this enough for you to comfortably host several guests?

Notably, this propane patio heater has CA, ANSI, and CE approval because of its high safety standards. Its broad base can house a 20-pound propane tank. With weight lowering the COG, the chances of tipping are slim to none.

It also has an inbuilt safety valve that will automatically cut off the gas supply in case of tipping. So, accidental fires ruining your evening isn’t something you will likely experience.

Moreover, this outdoor patio heater features a pilot light to ensure you can safely start and shut it down. The protective mesh around the quartz glass heating tube prevents you from accidentally burning yourself.

The patio heater comes with sturdy mobility wheels for effortless portability and storage.

The easy-to-use push-button igniter makes it easy to use a pyramid heater. Assembling it takes a short while, and you have all the accessories you need to make your work stress-free.


  • Stylish and durable stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Auto safety shut-off valve in case it tips over
  • Sturdy mobility wheels for stress-free movements
  • Effortless to assemble and use
  • Sturdy protective mesh around the quartz glass tube


  • Misleading product weight information on Amazon
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2. Belleze 014-HG-PH42-BRO Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heater – Best Hammered Bronze Finish Patio Heater

If you want a high-power pyramid patio heater, BELLEZE 014-HG-PH42-BRO at 42 000 BTU is an excellent choice. It can comfortably heat a space with a 7.5 radius. So, several people can sit comfortably around it in an outdoor space and get ample warmth.

Secondly, this heater has a pagoda-shaped top to distribute heat around it uniformly. Besides, it lowers heat loss allowing you to set it at a lower level when conditions are more favorable.

This outdoor patio heater has CSA certification as it meets high safety protocols. Its mesh grid around the quartz glass tube ensures you won’t accidentally burn your hands. The heater’s broad base that houses a 20lb propane tank(not included) ensures the unit is stable, lowering tipping chances.

Moving the pyramid heater around is easy as it features two sturdy wheels. It has a classy hammered bronze finish with a highly durable aluminum and stainless steel construction.


  • Pagoda-shaped top for uniform heat distribution
  • Powerful 42, 000 BTU heat supply
  • Mesh grid around the quartz glass tube to avoid burning
  • High-quality aluminum and stainless steel finish for longevity
  • Sturdy wheels to ease mobility


  • Assembling the heater may be challenging
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3. Dyna-Glo DGPH301BL 42000 BTU Black Pyramid Flame Patio Heater – Best Pyramid Patio Heater for Size

Here is another pyramid design patio heater excellent when inviting guests to your place. It has a heat output of 42 000 BTU, so you won’t have to sit so close to feel its warmth. Besides, its heat settings are variable. For this reason, you can adjust the output to suit the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

This pyramid heater has a spectacular size of 20.67″ by 22.83″ by 89.37″. This offers you a large and more breathtaking view of the dancing flame. Thus, it is one of the best patio heaters for decorative lighting besides heat supply.

Using the pyramid heater is very easy, thanks to its quick functioning electronic igniter. It has a broad base that immensely lowers the risk of tipping. Plus, the wide side panel door on its base allows you to change your 20lb propane tank effortlessly.

This outdoor patio heater has a safety grid around the flame tube. If you have little children, you won’t have to worry about them burning their hands while playing.

Finally, it comes with two mobility wheels. These allow you to relocate it to any spot on your patio with ease.


  • Easy-to-use electronic ignition system
  • Broad base for anti-tilt
  • Two wheels for easy movements
  • 42, 000 BTUs of heat for ample heat
  • Safety grid around the glass tube


  • Not budget-friendly
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4. Belleze 014-HG-PH42-SS 42,000BTU Propane Outdoor Pyramid Patio Heater with Dancing Fl, Stainless Steel – Premium Pick

This pyramid heater has a powerful heat output of 42 000 BTUs. For this reason, it is excellent when you want to hold small parties on your patio. You can also set it at a low or high level, depending on the amount of heat you want.

Moving this pyramid heater is an enjoyable experience because of the two sturdy mobility wheels attached to its base. Moreover, this base is broad and heavy to prevent tilting. It can also house a 20 lb. propane tank, which offers you enough fuel for around eight to ten hours. Hence, you can reduce tedious continuous replacement.

Additionally, the pyramid heater has a safety shut-off valve that automatically cuts off the propane supply if it tips over. Plus, it features a sturdy protective grid around the glass tube. These high safety standards are why it has a CSA certification, so you are sure that you are getting a legit item.

The heater features high-quality aluminum construction. This makes it both stylish and durable.


  • Large quartz glass tube and 42 000 BTUs of heat for ample warmth
  • Two wheels for easy movements
  • Safety shut-off valve to automatically turn off during tipping
  • Sturdy aluminum and stainless steel materials for longevity
  • Safety grid around the glass tube


  • Not pocket-friendly
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5. Hiland HLDSO1-GTPC 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater – With wheels, Matte Black – Best Pyramid Patio Heater for Finish Options

We added this propane patio heater to our list because of the numerous(five) color choices it offers. If you are critical about maintaining a particular theme, you won’t lack something to choose from its wide array. It has a super tall height of 91,” so it gives you a magnificent large-sized dancing flame. For the above reasons, it is the best pyramid heater for aesthetics.

The heater features a sturdy base to reduce tip-over chances. However, if this happens, the safety shut-off valve will automatically cut off the propane supply to ensure you are safe.

What’s more, the pyramid heater has a safety grid around the glass tube. Due to this, it protects you and especially your children from accidental burns.

The pagoda-shaped top concentrates heat around the area you sit for ample warmth. Plus, it supplies an impressive 40 000 BTU ideal for you and several friends to comfortably enjoy the ambiance. It has a one-year warranty, which makes purchasing it a risk-free venture.

Lastly, the pyramid heater has two wheels on its base to ease your time if you want to move it elsewhere.


  • Five finish choices to suit any style
  • Wheels to ease mobility
  • One-year warranty to cover manufacturer defects
  • Protective grid around the glass tube and safety auto-shut valve
  • Powerful 40 000 BTU output


  • Quite expensive
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6. Fire Sense Coronado Brushed Bronze Pyramid Flame Heater with Wheels – Best Fire Sense Patio Heater

With heavy-duty stainless steel construction, Fire Sense Coronado ensures you can use it even in harsh weather with no worries.

We love its two sturdy wheels that ensure you can move it with ease. Also, the push-button igniter switch makes using it so stress-free.

This pyramid heater features a broad base that offers ample room for a 20-pound propane tank. As a result, you can use it for a while before replacement, unlike the small ones that need constant refilling.

Furthermore, the pyramid heater offers a high heat supply of 40,000 BTU. Plus, its top heat reflector has a pagoda shape for maximum heat concentration and heat loss reduction. As a result, you will enjoy ample heat and can have several friends over for dinner.


  • A heavy-duty stainless steel finish offering long-term use
  • Two sturdy W\wheels to ease mobility
  • Easy-to-use push-button ignition
  • A broad base that can house a 20 lb. propane tank
  • Pagoda top and 40 000 BTU output for ample warmth


  • Quite expensive
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7. Thermo Tiki Deluxe Outdoor Propane Patio Heater – Pyramid Style w/Dancing Flame (Floor Standing) – Stainless Steel – Budget Pick

Coming in three finish options, Thermo Tiki Deluxe allows you to choose the perfect heater that rhymes with your décor. Besides, this pyramid heater is one of the few affordable, powerful pyramid patio heaters available.

Notably, it has CSA, CE, and ANSI approval; hence it has high safety features incorporated into its design. The safety shut-off valve will automatically cut the propane supply in case of a tip-over accident. Consequently, it prevents a potential gas leak, which can be devastating if ignited.

The pilot light ensures that you can securely start or shut down the unit. Plus, the pyramid heater has a sturdy protector grid surrounding the heating tube to avoid burns.

This 45 000 BTU patio heater has an expansive patio heating area. Because of this, it provides ample warmth for you and several guests. The heater also has a pagoda-shaped top to concentrate heat around it and lower heat loss.

The push-button igniter eases usage. Moreover, this propane patio heater is quick and straightforward to assemble. The heater comes with all the needed installation accessories and detailed instructions.

Lastly, this heater contains two sturdy wheels on its base for effortless mobility.


  • Sturdy protector grid around the flame tube
  • Pagoda-shaped top and 45 000 BTU output for ample heat
  • Two wheels on the base for portability
  • Safety shut-off valve for automatic cutting off of propane supply during tipping
  • Pilot light for secure starting and shutting


  • The heat output of the heater may not be as expected
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8. Hiland HLDS032-GTTHG Portable Propane Table Top Pyramid Glass Tube Patio Heater, 9500 BTU, Bronze – Most Affordable Pyramid Patio Heater

Here is a compact and very affordable pyramid patio heater with the lowest price point from our review. It offers a heat output of 9 500 BTU, which is perfect for a small family to sit around enjoy an evening chat.

At 39″ tall, it is highly flexible. It allows you to put it on any surface, including the top of your table. Moreover, the heater weighs only 14.17 pounds making it effortless to move around.

It has a sturdy base that can house a one-pound propane tank. However, you can still use a 5′ hose for connection to a 20-pound tank to lower refilling instances. The broad base reduces tipping chances. Still, the heater has a safety shut-off valve to automatically cut its propane supply should you accidentally knock it over.

Being small, your children can reach it with ease. That is why this heater has a sturdy protector grid to keep their hands off the hot quartz glass tube.


  • Protector grid around the quartz glass tube
  • Very light for effortless mobility
  • Broad base for one-pound propane tank housing and stability
  • Compact size ideal for flexible placement


  • Not ideal for large spaces
  • Has a small propane tank cylinder housing
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Buying Guide

Here are the things you should closely examine to determine the best pyramid patio heater ideal for you.

Heat Production

The heat output a pyramid design patio heater can emit is the most vital thing to check. Pyramid Patio heaters rely on propane as their power source; hence their heat rating is in BTUs.

The amount of outdoor space you want to heat will determine the power rating of your heater. A pyramid design patio heater with a heat rating of about 10 000 BTU is adequate for a few people.

However, if you want the heat to reach more extensive regions, invest in an outdoor patio heater with a heat rating of over 40 000 BTUs. Because of their classy appearance and dancing flame, pyramid heaters are common in high-end hotels. So, if you plan to use one for commercial reasons, a higher heat-rated commercial patio heater is ideal.

Safety Features

Most pyramid-type patio heaters have similar safety features. However, a few things, such as the unit’s stability, may vary from model to model.

Stability of Pyramid Type Patio Heater

Because of their broader bases, pyramid-style heaters are some of the most stable free-standing patio heaters. The chances of your heater toppling over depend on the position of its COG. The COG will depend on patio heater dimensions.

A tall outdoor patio heater should have a broader base to lower its COG. If two patio heaters have the same base dimensions but varying heights, the shorter one has a lower COG. This means it has a lower chance of tipping than the taller model.

Irrespective of the extent of anti-tilt safety features, your pyramid-type patio heater should have a safety shut-off valve. With a safety shut-off valve for automatic propane supply cut-off, you are sure of added safety.


Are you eying a compact pyramid-style patio heater with a one-pound propane tank housing? Your pyramid-type patio heater should have a sturdy and long hose for gas supply connection.

This ensures that it will not accidentally disentangle and result in a gas leak. Taller models usually have a 20-pound propane tank housing hence may not need a long connection hose.

Safety Grid

Almost all pyramid-style patio heaters come with a safety grid around the quartz glass tube. This grid ensures you won’t burn your hands when you touch your heater.


Even though your heater’s construction may be durable, you may still want to keep it under shelter when not in use. Also, you may desire to sit in a new location but still want to enjoy the warmth.

The lighter your pyramid patio heater is, the more comfortable you can move it around. If you want a massive pyramid patio heater, ensure that it has wheels that will make mobility effortless.

Alternatively, you can go for compact and lightweight pyramid heaters. However, small heaters only apply if you want a heater for a few people. Small pyramid-style heaters typically have lower BTU ratings.

The most significant advantage of having a small pyramid-style patio heater is that you can place it anywhere on your patio. Also, you can take it with you if you are going on camping trips and similar events.


How Do You Light a Hiland Patio Heater?

Getting your Hiland Patio Heater to function is such an effortless task. It comes with a push-button igniter, which you quickly press to get your heater going. Push-button igniters ease things as they slice the heater ignition process.

Piezoelectric heater lighters are typically in a tubular steel encasement. Your push-button igniter is usually at the top and comes from steel with a spring-loaded hammer inside it. Upon pushing your igniter, you create the adequate force needed for potential electric generation in piezoelectric crystals.

The top part features a metal rod, which then creates a spark due to the force produced. The process is swift, taking only a second or two. The spark produced is super powerful and can reach about 7kV. This spark then lights the propane-air mixture close to the burner.

How Do You Turn on the Pyramid Heater?

Pyramid heaters come with a push-button igniter that employs the piezoelectric effect. While discussing how to turn on your Hiland Patio Heater, we already covered the push-button igniter functionality in detail.

However, you may find that your push-button igniter isn’t functioning, so what should you do?

You can use a long candle lighter through the match lighting hole to light your heater. If this doesn’t work, then the ignition system may not be the issue. Confirm if your propane tank has gas and, if not, replace it. If it is still not working, you should get a professional to repair the pyramid heater for you.

What is the Best Gas Pyramid Patio Heater?

Our top pick is the Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater. It has one of the most stylish pyramid patio heater finishes with a steel and aluminum construction, ensuring it’s highly weatherproof. Moving the unit is a breeze courtesy of its sturdy wheels.

Moreover, it has quality safety features like the auto shut-off valve and broad base. Plus, it can house a 20-pound propane tank, and assembling the heater takes a few minutes.

Do Pyramid Patio Heaters Work?

Yes, pyramid-style patio heaters can keep you warm, just like other patio heating methods. However, the amount of BTUs your pyramid-type patio heater has will determine the efficiency and number of users it can support. Go for a patio heater capable of heating the space you intend to use it on.


Pyramid-style patio heaters are some of the most elegant outdoor patio heaters you can find. Unlike most patio heaters where you can barely see the lights, these have brilliant dancing flames. Picking a quality patio pyramid heater should be your top concern since you are using it in an outdoor setting.

That is why we offer you the eight best pyramid patio heater reviews for efficient outdoor heating. You already know what each has to offer you, and you must be eyeing at least one or several of these pyramid heaters. With either of these patio heaters, you’ll have ample warmth for a long time, so why wait?