10 Best Patio Heater Cover Reviews & Buying Guide

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Many people think that a sturdily built heater can withstand harsh weather without covers. Considering how expensive patio heaters are, getting a cover can save you lots of money.

So how do you land on the best patio heater cover? We will tell you the crucial things we considered during our intense research of the ten best patio heater covers.

After conducting an extensive study, it was clear that Stanbroil Waterproof Protected Full Cover is the best patio heater cover.
We love this cover because its large size allows you to secure tall pyramid patio heaters. Besides, it features a heavy-duty Oxford fabric system, and fitting it in your outdoor space heater is so easy.

Read on for a detailed look into our top picks.

10 Best Patio Heater Covers (Comparison Chart)

1. Stanbroil Waterproof Protected Full Cover – Top Backyard Heater Cover Overall

This full-length cover is ideal for you if you have a large-sized pyramid patio heater. The cover measures 21″ by 21″ by 90″. The expansive dimensions can fit almost all pyramid torch patio heaters available in the market.

Secondly, this cover features a heavy-duty 210D Oxford fabric construction and has a highly water-resistant PVC coat. Therefore, it offers your pyramid backyard heater ample protection against rain, snow, or dust storms.

Furthermore, fitting this cover to your outdoor space heater is an effortless process. It features a sturdy zippered system on its side for secure closing. Plus, the zipper has weather protection to ensure that water does not penetrate in.

Lastly, this cover has a drawstring at the bottom. The drawstrings make the diameter and size adjustable thus. You can even use the cover on smaller pyramid heaters by pulling to fit.


  • Heavy-duty water-resistant 210D Oxford fabric for longevity
  • Sturdy zippered opening system to ease use and for efficient protection
  • Adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit
  • Large size to fit massive pyramid patio heaters


  • Quite pricey
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2. Crazyant Patio Standup Heater Cover – Top Backyard Heater Cover for Stand Up Heaters

Do you have a tall stand-up heater? The CrazyAnt at 89″ by 33 by 39″ is the perfect stand-up backyard heater cover. You can still use it even if you have a slightly smaller model than 89″. The cover has a reliable drawstring at the bottom that allows you to fit it entirely to your heater.

It features a heavy-duty 210D Oxford fabric construction for weather resistance. Whether it is snowing, raining, or there is a dust storm, it will offer state-of-the-art protection to your stand-up heater.

After using it to cover your heater for a while, it most likely will be dirty. Luckily, cleaning this stand-up backyard heater cover is easy. All you need is a quick dip in soapy water and hanging it to dry.

Finally, this cover has a lifetime warranty plus quick and responsive customer care services. These ensure the purchase is risk-free, and you have a smooth time when using it.


  • Large dimensions to fit tall stand-up backyard heaters
  • High-strength water-resistant 210D Oxford fabric construction for sturdiness
  • Stress-free to clean
  • Drawstring for perfect fitting
  • Lifetime warranty hence risk-free


  • The photo is deceiving in terms of material thickness
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3. Amazonbasics Round Patio Heater Cover – Best Standup Patio Heater Cover for Size

Besides its quality protective features, this patio heater cover won’t compromise your heater’s stability. It features strategically positioned air vents making it weather resistant to counter billowing during windy conditions reducing tipping chances.

Simultaneously, the vents prevent vapor condensation, leaving room for quality aeration. Also, it enhances its anti-rust functionality.

It features high-strength woven polyester fabric for longevity. Woven polyester is resistant to snow, rain, dust, and wind action. Its remarkable sturdiness will keep your outdoor space heater looking amazing for a long time.

This patio heater cover has a height of 95 inches. Its base diameter is 18.5″ while its top diameter is 34″. Hence, this cover offers sufficient protection for numerous tall stand-up patio heaters. Also, it features a drawstring at the base, which you can adjust to fit your heater perfectly.

Finally, the cover comes with a limited one-year warranty covering any manufacturer defects.


  • Air vents to prevent condensation
  • Excellent for large-sized stand-up patio heaters
  • Sturdy woven polyester fabric with a water-resistant backing
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Drawstring at the bottom for a perfect fit


  • Quite pricey
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4. Classic Accessories Terrazzo Patio Heater Cover – Top Cover for Anti-wind Properties

With a height of 95 inches, a diameter dome of 34″, and a bottom diameter of 18.5″, this cover is ideal for tall stand-up heaters. Notably, it features an elastic cord at its hem, which allows you to pull it for the perfect fit.

The cover has a high-strength rain Tite fabric material construction. It is highly weather resistant to extreme weather changes such as snow, rain, wind, and dust.

Moreover, its sturdy zipper is weather-proof for maximum protection of your outdoor patio heater. Not to mention, this zippered system eases covering and uncovering your stand-up backyard heater.

Additionally, the cover has two strategically located vents that allow free airflow. Moreover, its base is hollow for proper air circulation. Additionally, it deters condensation of vapor, which hastens your patio heater’s degeneration.

Also, given its shape-specific design, it offers little room for air to occupy. The lesser the air it can accommodate, the lower the billowing chances during windy conditions. The only hitch of the hollow bottom of this cover is that your heater will have no base protection.

Despite the downside, this cover comes with a one-year limited warranty. Hence, it ensures you don’t get inconvenienced by manufacturer defects.


  • Ideal for large stand-up patio heaters
  • One-year warranty
  • Elastic cord at the base for a custom fit
  • Two air vents to prevent condensation
  • Sturdy zipper for easy access and adequate protection


  • Doesn’t cover the base
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5. Duck Covers Soteria Patio Heater Cover – Best Heater Cover for Sturdiness

Here is another patio heater cover excellent for stand-up patio heaters. It has a top diameter of 34″, a base diameter of 22″, and a height of 86″. This cover also features an elastic hem at the base for a perfect fit.

Interestingly, this is one of the sturdiest patio heater covers you can find. It has a PVC-coated fabric for resistance to snow, rain, dust, and wind. Additionally, it has double-stitched seams to offer sturdiness and also to prevent substance entry effectively. The tape sealant at these seams enhances its efficiency further.

This backyard heater cover boasts quality aeration features. It has two strategically placed vents, plus its bottom is hollow. This helps to prevent condensation that hastens heater rusting.

Placing the cover around your stand-up patio heater and removing it is a breeze. It features handles that allow you to hold it with ease as you place it.

The sturdy zipper with a chord also eases the placing of your cover around the heater. Additionally, It is weather-proof to avoid entry of water to your cover through it.


  • Double-stitched seams for enhanced sturdiness
  • Air vents and hollow bottom to deter condensation
  • Tape sealant at seams to prevent leaking
  • Sturdy fabric with water-resistant PVC coating for efficiency
  • Handles and a sturdy zippered system to ease installing


  • Quite pricey
  • Doesn’t cover the base
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6. Modern Leisure Patio Heater Cover – Most Affordable Tall Standup Patio Heater Cover

Do you want a cheap cover for a tall stand-up heater? Modern leisure is ideal for tall patio heaters with a 94″ height and 30″ diameter. Furthermore, it’s one of the most affordable full-length options.

This cover features a sturdy zipper closure system. As a result, you can effortlessly place or remove it from your patio heater. Moreover, the weather-resistant material covering the zippers ensures that they won’t permit the entry of water. It is one of the easiest covers to clean.

With a damp cloth, you can quickly wipe away dirt. Since it features a one-year warranty, you can confidently purchase this patio heater cover.

The cover comes from medium weight polyester construction with PVC backing. The material used makes it weather-resistant. Besides, it also has UV protection. However, its protection features are half as effective as the Monterey and Renaissance models. But considering the crazily low price point, it is an excellent and convenient patio heater cover.


  • Affordable price
  • One-year warranty
  • Easily cleanable
  • A Sturdy zipper closure system for effortless use and adequate protection
  • Weather-resistant and UV protected fabric


  • Lacks air vents, which may result in billowing
  • Not the sturdiest cover for a tall stand-up heater
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7. Hiland Hhvd Hvd-tgtcv-t Patio Heatercover – Top Cover for Color Options

Here is a tall pyramid patio heater cover available in numerous colors. It comes in mocha, black, silver, camel, and paprika. The array of colors gives you the freedom to pick the shade you love most.

This heater cover is made with heavy-duty 210D fabric. As a result, it is resistant to tearing, rain, snow, wind, and dust storms. Besides, its sturdy zipper won’t allow entry of any of these substances. Also, the zipper eases your cover placement and removal experience.

Finally, this heavy-duty patio heater cover is full length with a height of 92″ and base dimensions of 36″ by 36″. Because of this, it is excellent for almost all tall pyramid patio heaters. The models it is compatible with include hlds01-cgthg, hlds01-cgtpc, hlds01-cgtss.


  • Heavy-duty fabric for effective weather resistance
  • Large size hence ideal for a tall pyramid heater
  • Sturdy zippered system for effortless placement and removal
  • Five colors


  • No vents which may cause billowing during windy conditions
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8. Wifehelper Heavy Duty Patio Heater Cover  – Best Patio Cover for Lightweight

This heater cover has a diameter of 24″ with a height of 38″. This is a great choice to consider if you have a small patio heater. It has two colors to allow you to choose what you like.

This heater cover is made with reinforced 190T polyester silver lining material. It’s useful in offering adequate protection against snow, rain, dust, and wind. Also, the sturdy fabric material ensures it does not tear easily.

Opening the cover is effortless courtesy of its sturdy zippered system. Unlike the zipperless covers, you don’t have to struggle when placing the cover or removing it from your heater. Plus, this zippered system is covered with weather-proof material to ensure that water doesn’t enter your cover through it.

Finally, the quality dirt-resistant fabric ensures you can effortlessly clean it. Spraying this cover with water from your garden hose is adequate in removing dirt from it.


  • Durable 190T polyester construction for effective weather resistance
  • Zippered opening system for effortless talking off
  • Available in two colors
  • Effortlessly cleanable and foldable for storage


  • Not suitable for large pyramid patio heaters
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9. Hiland Hvd-ttcv-b Waterproof Heater Cover – Best Patio Heater Cover for Affordability

You can get this amazing cover for your heater at a super low cost. It has a diameter of 24″ with a height of 38″. Hence, it is perfect for small-sized patio heaters. It comes in five beautiful colors. As a result, they add class to your home, unlike most patio heater covers that will come in only one dull color.

It features 210D polyester fabric that makes it resistant to damage by external elements. Moreover, this fabric is sturdy to lower the chances of tearing. It has a high-density zipper system that eases your time when placing and removing it from your heater.

Lastly, this cover has a one-year warranty. The extended warranty period gives you a stress-free experience if you encounter a manufacturer defect within this period.


  • Very affordable
  • Durable 210D polyester fabric
  • Sturdy zipper system to ease placement and access of your heater
  • One-year warranty for a risk-free purchasing experience
  • Five colors for the perfect style


  • No vents or strap to prevent billowing during strong winds
  • Can’t fit large patio heaters
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10. Hiland Hvd-ttcv-m Heater Cover – Best Patio Heater Cover for Small Heaters

With five color options, this patio cover allows you to choose what matches your home décor. It has a diameter of 24″ and a height of 38″ making it excellent for small-sized patio heaters. Since it has a cylindrical shape, it can suit any backyard heater’s design provided it has a 38″ height.

The patio heater cover comes from 210D polyester fabric. As a result, it offers high-quality protection against snow, rain, dust, and wind. Simultaneously, the rigid material is difficult to tear, thus ensuring longevity.

It features a high-density zipper system that makes it easier to cover or uncover your backyard heater.

This backyard heater cover has a one-year warranty, so you can purchase it without worrying about incurring immediate losses.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Efficient high-density weather-resistant 210D polyester fabric
  • HD zipper system to ease use and for effective weather protection
  • One-year warranty to offer a risk-free experience
  • Five colors ideal for many styles


  • No strap or vent to prevent it from flailing in the wind
  • Not ideal for large patio heaters
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Buying Guide. What Should I Look for in a Patio Heater Cover?

Despite patio heaters being so vital, you won’t need them during summer. Therefore, you should consider storing your patio heater in your garage or a warehouse.

A high-quality patio heater cover, such as the ones in our review, will be beneficial when storing your patio heater. Here is what an ideal backyard heater cover for your unit should meet.


Checking whether your patio heater cover fits your heater is one of the most crucial things to do. You want a cover that can completely engulf your patio heater.

This ensures that your cover is wholly water-resistant and can also protect your heater against dust. Most patio heater covers usually have a diameter of 34″ with a height of 89-95″. However, there are smaller patio heater covers for small-sized patio heaters.

Some patio heater covers will come with an adjustment strap at the bottom. For this reason, they can allow you to pull to fit your backyard heater perfectly.

Something to also look out for is if your backyard heater cover encases the base and legs too. Some covers will leave your patio heater base open, making it susceptible to weather damage. Moreover, insects may find the cover a warm sanctuary and end up making your backyard heater their home.

It would be best if you found a patio heater cover that fully wraps around your heater for maximum protection.

The Shape of Your Patio Heater

The type of outdoor space heater you have will also affect the kind of cover to purchase. Most patio heater covers, especially the large-sized models, come in various shapes.

The shapes of these covers are specific to certain models to ensure a perfect fit. For instance, if you have a pyramid heater, go for a prism-shaped backyard heater cover.

Picking a patio heater cover for a small outdoor space heater is much easier. Most small patio heater covers are multi-use because of their cuboid and cylindrical shapes. With such a cover, you can fit it on any type of backyard heater provided the sizing is compatible.

Type of Fabric

Since you want your backyard heater to have full protection from external elements, make sure you go for a sturdy cover. High-density fabric is sturdier than medium-density material hence better in protection against weather conditions. However, a high-density patio heater cover is often more expensive than a medium-density cover.

Typically, you will find the rating of a patio heater cover in denier. For instance, you may find a 210D patio heater cover or a 600D cover. From the two, 600D is sturdier than 210D. The sturdier your patio heater cover is, the lesser likely you will tear it accidentally.

You should also consider the water-resistance properties of your backyard heater cover. Check out things like PVC coating, which is excellent for water-repelling. Also, it would be best to find out the level of UV protection your cover offers.

Something else to find out is if the cover is made from stretchable fabric material. This ensures that it can fit perfectly onto your outdoor space heater. Although most fabrics may be rigid, the sizing of the cover usually has an allowance.

A patio heater cover may come with an elastic strap to ensure that it fits your heater perfectly. You can pull this strap or leave it depending on your heater’s dimensions.


Make sure that you get a backyard heater cover that has a warranty. A manufacturer that offers a warranty will likely make a quality product.

Still, should you encounter any defects, you are sure that your money won’t go to waste. Some covers even have a lifetime warranty; hence they are the best in terms of service.


The best patio heater covers have a sturdy zipper system to ease placement and removal. A cover without a zipper will give you a hard time using it. Also, ensure that your zipper has some protection against weather conditions, for instance, a fabric extension.

This is because most zippers will allow rainwater and snowmelt water to penetrate. With a weather-proof fabric extension covering your zipper, you are sure of efficient weather protection.


Vents on your patio heater cover are an extra advantage. These allow for ample aeration. In effect, they deter condensation, which will result in rusting.

Additionally, they prevent air buildup inside the cover that results in billowing. Without vents, your cover may cause your patio heater to topple. Alternatively, you can check for a securing strap that prevents flailing in the wind.


This may not be a major consideration for most people. However, a few individuals are strict on their décor designs and colors. So, if you hold your aesthetics in a high estimate, consider brands that offer numerous colors.


Why Do You Need a Patio Heater Cover?

Most patio heaters feature sturdy construction with materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. However, they are still susceptible to weather elements like snow, rain, and dust. Thus, getting a patio heater cover will protect your unit from damage.

You can use your heater for a more extended period before you need a new one. Getting a new heater can be quite expensive. So, if you have an opportunity to prolong your heater’s life, why not take it?

How Do I Measure My Patio Heater?

Seeing that you have to buy a cover based on your patio heater’s dimensions, you will need to measure it. But you don’t have to manually measure the width, height, or diameter of your patio heater.

You can quickly check the dimensions of your patio heater from the packaging or user manual. However, if you don’t have your user manual, you may ask your manufacturer for this information. Still, there are numerous information resources.

If you ordered online, you could effortlessly check the sizing information from your manufacturer’s website. Shopping websites such as Amazon may also have information concerning your cover where you can source the dimensions.

If the information on your patio heater is unavailable, you can use a tape measure. The crucial measuring points include;

  • Height of your outdoor space heater.
  • Base dimensions of your patio heater.
  • The dimensions of the heat reflector top.

Once you know the dimensions, get a cover that is slightly bigger to give an allowance. By factoring in the allowance, you will ease things when placing and removing your patio heater cover. An exact fit may give you a hard type to zip the cover.

Do I Have to Buy a Cover Made by the Same Brand as My Patio Heater?

You don’t have to get the same brand of cover as your patio heater. Provided a cover fits your patio heater, you can use it to protect the heater. Some patio heaters, however, will have a cover included in their packaging.

Are the Most Expensive Patio Covers the Best Ones?

Not necessarily. Many factors affect the price of a patio heater cover. For instance, the production costs exclusively without considering the material used may vary.

Also, a product may have a higher price simply because of its brand. So, checking the features of a patio cover is the sure way of determining if it will best protect your heater.


As soon as you purchase a high-quality -patio heater, the next thing should be getting a cover for it. This way, you will immensely lengthen the period your patio heater can serve you.

Our best patio heater covers offer you top protection features against harsh weather. They are some of the most affordable patio heaters covers this year. What’s more, they give you an easy time when covering or uncovering your heater. By purchasing one of our best patio heater covers, you will have the convenience and efficiency you can’t find elsewhere.

What other challenges are you facing concerning patio heating? Leave us a comment in the comment section, and we will get right back. You can also get us from our email addresses and social platforms.