How Infrared Heaters Work? Do I Need One?

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Infrared heaters are considered the most convenient of heaters among the available ones in the larger market.

Their work has been proved to be cost-efficient, power-saving, and most importantly very friendly to both the user and the environment giving the user a wider variety to choose from.

Infrared heater working

There are a number of infrared heaters manufacturers that have grown their brands. So, what makes these heaters so efficient and effective in their working, and yet they remain so cheaply available to the user?

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So, How Does an Infrared Heater Works, Really?

The infrared panels are heated, and when the temperatures of the panels get hot enough, the units emit infrared radiation that travels from the panels unimpeded until a solid object is met along the path.

Most heaters, for example, traditional radiators work by first heating the air before the objects can get the feel of warmth whereas infrared heaters are designed in such a way that they warm solid objects directly without altering the temperature of the space as much.

This method has proved to be efficient in a number of ways that work to the advantage of the user.

Do Infrared Heating Requires a Lot of Power?

First of all, are cost-efficient in a manner that ensures that a person feels the warmth of the heater instantly without having to wait long hours. The heat is maintained in the objects, even when the heater goes or is switched off, the user will still remain warm for a longer time.

As an advantage, this factor will enable the user to avoid the wastage of power by preheating the room say thirty minutes earlier before the heat can be felt as it works instantly.

Therefore electric infrared heaters tend to use a little or small amount of power between 1500 to 500 watts for a significantly large amount of work at a faster rate than will otherwise take more voltage creating larger power bills for the user. These types of heaters are very energy efficient.

Similarly, infrared heaters also ensure that people remain in a comfortable situation that is relaxing without the struggles of tampered humidity in the air. This is because the infrared heaters are in such a way that they maintain the natural humidity of the immediate sphere of the user.

This is achieved by the make that allows them to have a setting that works to balance the temperatures of the room and tries to maintain them at a room temperature of 68 degrees.

This makes infrared heaters friendly to the user health-wise as the heat produced is not dry thus doesn’t irritate the skin or the airways.

Are Infrared Heaters Dangerous?

The health factor is further safeguarded by a few settings that have been put in place to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the heater.

For example, the oxygen depletion sensor in the liquid propane heaters ensures that there is a healthy balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in space. And if the oxygen levels were to go to a lower risk level, the heater shuts off automatically.

Other infrared heaters like Dr. Heater, Lifesmart medium infrared heater, Lifesmart infrared quartz fireplace have measures that safeguard them against overheating and power tip over.

Infrared heaters work in a way that allows the user to monitor the spaces in which the heater is being used by the use of a digital thermostat displayed on most heaters.

The temperature of the room is displayed on the digital thermostat giving the user the alternative to switch off the heater if the environment gets warm enough or is threatened.

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Where Should Infrared Heaters Be Placed?

Infrared space heaters allow the user the option of zone heating. This basically means that heat is put where it is really needed and when it is really needed. This makes the user avoid heating unnecessary spaces in the household but rather only heating the rooms and sections that are necessary thereby saving on costs.

This also allows the member of the household to have more choices in the preference of their rooms as the working of the infrared allows it to be switched off once enough heat has been gathered and its warm effects will still be as effective.

Infrared heaters use improved technology that makes it easier to manage, environmentally friendly, manageable as well as economically friendly. It uses the technology of remote control that eases the operation of the heater from the comfort zone.

As it continues working to the user’s satisfaction, the heater’s digital thermostat display ensures the user is aware of the heat balance in the space. The technology embedded in the making and functioning of an infrared heater makes its operation easy and maintenance even easier.

Do I Need an Infrared Heater or Not?

Infrared heaters are available in various sizes and make that are meant to satisfy the needs of the user. Should you need heat in your small living room spaces, larger living or commercial spaces, or even outdoors, infrared heaters are designed effectively for the purpose.

For instance, Mr. Buddy which is a popular north American liquid propane heater can be used indoors and outdoors.

This means that while some heaters are specially meant for outdoors or indoors where they work efficiently and are very much effective, other assembled models contain a two-in-one function. Others work as perfectly in small spaces as they do in larger spaces but at a reduced level of power consumption.


Given so many advantages of the infrared heater and the way it will make the life of the user easy and safe, this kind of heater is definitely a must-have in every home that desires the luxuries of a safe, comfortable and cozy haven of a home.

The heaters come in a wide array of variations that will appeal to the diverse taste that the users may have. The variations range from 3D flames with five different settings for color and brightness, variation in terms of space size, and also the size of the heater.

Infrared heaters allow you to have the comfort of a home that is warm without the worries of accidents that relate to children burns, overheating and tip-over incidents, fire hazards, and most importantly large bills.

They are reliable, energy-saving, effective, and easy to control and manage. Infrared heaters are the heaters that are worth every penny that you will spend on them.