Mr. Heater Outdoor Propane Heater Review

  • by: Joshua Cooper
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Mr. Heater is an outdoor propane heater that gives off 15,000 BTUs of heat. The capacity of the heater can be spread over a 5’ radius and can raise the temperature by as much as 12°.

Mr. Heater Outdoor Propane Heater Review

The heater directly connects to a 20-lb. gas cylinder and can be easily turned on and shut off. The product does not have a stand or a flimsy footing, and will not be toppled over even during strong winds.

The heater and the tank are made of stainless steel which makes the product durable and rustproof. The heater weighs 3 lbs. and the height is 12.8”. The low-to-the-ground heater will give off direct and strong heat, which will make the users more comfortable outdoors even in the winter.

The Mr. Heater Patio Heater is durable because of its strong structure, which will ensure its long life. The compact size of the heater makes it perfect for use on small decks, or other open outdoor areas.

Sunrite by Mr. Heater SRC15T Single Tank Top Heater

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  • Product is made of stainless steel
  • Has weight of 3 pounds
  • Fuel source is 20 lb. LPG tank
  • Heating lamp is directly connected to the tank
  • Can produce 8,000-15,000 BTU’s of heat
  • Easy to ignite and shut off
  • Has 1-year warranty


The product is a space saver and is energy efficient. Because it sits low to the ground, you do not have to worry about this heater being knocked over by strong winds.


The heater generates adequate heat in a short amount of time. The low height of the Mr. Heater Patio Heater will give off the heat right away and directly to the intended space. The heating element is directly mounted on the tank, and the energy produced is strong and effectively used.

The heat generated is up to 15,000 BTU’s and can make the temperature rise to 12 degrees over a 5’ radius and will keep small spaces warm and comfortable. This heater is effective during cool evenings when you want to extend your day relaxing on your patio or deck.

In spaces that measure 110 square feet, this small heater can raise the temperature by 20° in 15 minutes. In open spaces, the entire tank can increase the temperature by 10 degrees and will last up to 28 hours of continued use. The direct connection of the lamp to the propane tank ensures that the gas is used well and efficiently gives off heat.

The product’s structure is made of stainless steel and the heater will last for years. The structure is rust-free and can be left outdoors. The propane tank will not rust and is secure against strong wind. You do not have to worry about leaks or cracks in the tank because the product is well made.

Installing the heater is easy and there are no added accessories that need to be attached. The installation simply requires the heater to be mounted on the tank. You can easily turn the heater on because of the simple switch mechanism.

The Mr. Heater Patio Heater is also easy to transport. Because the product is compact and does not need any added equipment, the tank and heater can be easily packed and placed in the trunk of a car. It is very convenient to take on camping or fishing trips.


Using products that run on propane can pose certain health hazards if care is not taken. Because the heater uses gas to generate heat, igniting it will require the use of a lighter with a long nozzle; using a match or a small lighter can cause burns.

If the pressure of the gas is too strong, the heater can flare and cause the metal grills to be burned. Users should take note that working with gas requires care and observation of recommended safety measures

The pressure on the gas tank and the amount of gas left in the tank will affect the heater. If there is too little gas, the heater will not stay lit. The gas inside the tank moves which can also affect the flow to the lamp, and may shut off if not placed on a level surface.


The Mr. Heater Patio Heater is a small unit that provides an adequate amount of heat.

The heater can heat up small spaces and outdoor events without a problem. It is energy efficient and heats up in a very short time. The heater is also portable and can easily be taken on outdoor trips.

The heater is made of stainless steel and can withstand cold and hot weather. The parts of the heater are all rust-resistant. However, care is needed to avoid burning your hands when lighting it up.

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