Can I Use a Patio Heater in My Garage?

  • by: Joshua Cooper
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Working in a cold environment is challenging. Most garages’ designs don’t accommodate insulation. Additionally, the concrete floor gets chilly over time, making the entire place to be cold.

With an aim to heat your garage’s space, most people often ask, “Can I use a patio heater in my garage?”

Patio Heater In Garage

Well, you can use a patio heater to heat the garage. However, it is advisable to buy heaters designed for use in spaces challenging to heat, such as garages. Furthermore, there are guidelines that you should follow for safety.

This article simplifies the concept, giving you all the answers you need.

Can You Use Patio Heaters in a Garage?

Originally, patio heaters were manufactured for outdoor use. Propane patio heaters use propane gas, which is treacherous due to its flammable nature. Further, the patio heaters produce dangerous greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and nitric oxide.

When used in an enclosure with poor air ventilation, the propane heater’s carbon emissions are deadly.

If you use a natural gas heater, leave the garage door wide open to convert your space into a semi-open area. The ventilation in the working area should facilitate sufficient air circulation. Proper ventilation in the working areas will help avoid excess carbon dioxide inhalation.

It would be best to avoid placing objects above the patio heater head unit or under the propane tank. If you place a flammable object under the propane cylinder of a natural gas heater, there is a likelihood of an explosion, especially if the item is under a propane tank.

Is It Safe to Have a Propane Heater in the Garage?

The discomfort of a freezing working space calls for the use of a propane gas heater. A car garage is one of these spaces. Different people use different types of heaters to heat their workstations.

Using patio heaters arises as an answer to improve the working area. However, a few safety concerns arise from using propane in powering these devices.

Unlike winter patio heating, garage heating is a little more complicated. After a careful analysis of the conditions, using a space heater is a logical solution. The challenge is choosing the appropriate patio heater.

A customized propane-powered heater is a safe answer to heating problems. These devices are efficient due to their head delivery systems in both large and small garages.

Sure Tips for Propane Heater Safety

The safe use of a natural gas garage heater requires strict adherence to safety standards.

First, you must ensure that the air heater you pick is the right size. Using a bigger device than necessary leads to a wastage of power and money. In addition, you will overheat your space, turning it into an uncomfortable environment.

Second, make sure that the propane heaters you select have safety features. These features will help you avoid catastrophes.

Follow the instructions that come with the space heaters. Manufactures always instructs their customers on how to use the heaters in the market. For instance, if the manufacturer’s instructions are to use one heater in a ten square feet room, adhere to that. If you use two or more devices, you will incur unnecessary costs.

Another essential safety tip is placing the patio heaters in an appropriate space. Make sure the surface you place the gas patio heater on is non-combustible. Position the gas heater in a location that people are not using as a path.

It would be best if you kept the patio heaters away from flammable material. Also, avoid keeping it near a gas line that would explode if compromised by the combustion products.

Annual inspections of your garage are one of the solutions to fire-related incidents. So, make sure you ask relevant questions to the professionals who inspect your room. The answers they respond with should be taken into consideration whenever you heat your workstation.

Can You Put a Heater in the Garage?

A restaurant patio receives sufficient wind meaning you can use any gas patio heaters to keep the occupants warm. However, car garages are more demanding to heat due to the enclosed design.

With the wide range of heaters, picking the best patio heater is tricky. Having that in mind, make sure that you carefully follow the safety precautions when dealing with garage heating systems.

Natural gas patio heaters are dangerous if they are inappropriately used. For instance, the gas valve may have a faulty gas valve orifice, which would cause an explosion.

When you are working, you are likely to inhale more frequently than when you are resting. Carbon dioxide levels may increase as a result of breathing. When the patio heater is on, carbon monoxide levels as well can rise to a fatal degree. Consequently, install detectors that will warn you when these levels get dangerously high.

Some electric patio heaters favor portability. The electric fan in these portable devices distributes warmth evenly in the desired location. Use a portable patio heater when working further from the mushroom heaters.

What Type of Heater Is Best for a Garage?

Fan-Forced Heaters

Are you looking for a heater suited for a small room? Fan force is the answer you need. It is a portable heater that pushes air through a heated element, which is electric. This way, the room gets heated gradually through the forced air.

Quartz Heaters

Quartz is the best for keeping a place warm and maintaining a cold airflow. It is powered by infrared radiation. They are best at providing a lot of heat in a short period of time.

You can use it to heat a specific place, maybe the bed instead of the whole bedroom, as it will work perfectly.

Ceramic Heaters

It is almost the same as the fan-forced heater. But for ceramic, it answers all your heat problems by pushing air through a heating element, unlike the electrical like the fan-forced.

This heater uses a ceramic heater making it perfect to heat a large room. Ceramic is the perfect heater for a restaurant patio.

Natural Gas Heaters

This category of heaters has natural gas as its fuel source and produces heat by producing a small frame. They are perfect for warming small spaces.

The good thing about this kind is they are portable, and you can use them almost everywhere as they don’t need electricity.

Final Verdict

To wrap up, we hope this article has provided answers on how to heat your garage. Evidently, you can use a patio heater in your garage.

However, you need to follow the safety guidelines highlighted in this article.