Az Electric Patio Heater Review

  • by: Joshua Cooper
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The AZ patio heater is 3 electric heaters that look like a ceiling fan and can be put under a canopy or attached to the ceiling.

AZ Electric Patio Heater Review

It is made of stainless steel and produces 1500 watts of heat. The heat generated is ample for cold spring days and can be left outside.

It can handle immense amounts of water and will not short circuit or break. The AZ Electric Patio Heater can be controlled and the coverage of heat is up to 15 square feet. The product has an automatic shut-off feature if it is overheating, and will also shut off if it is tilted.

The electric heater is much safer to use because it does not require a propane tank and does not require a burner to generate heat. The stainless steel frames keep the heating lamps stable and in place. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty. Each lamp is 40” long.

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  • Made of stainless steel
  • Each lamp is 40” in length
  • Can heat a radius of 15 square feet
  • Can be placed under outdoor canopies or ceilings
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Produces heat of 1500 watts
  • Temperature can be controlled
  • Resistant to rust and water
  • Has the anti-tilt mechanism
  • Approved by the CSA
  • Has a 1-year warranty


This is a heater that can be used both in- and outdoors. You will not have to worry about dismantling it and transferring the heater indoors because it is water-resistant. The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.


The AZ heater is a good product for indoor and outdoor use. The heater allows you to maximize the use of your deck or patios because the temperature outdoors becomes more comfortable.

This is a heater that generates 1,500 watts of heat and covers 15 square feet of space. The structure is solid because it is made of stainless steel.

The heaters are resistant to water and will not short circuit if it gets wet. The product is stable enough to be placed under an umbrella or attached to the ceiling. The heater comes with 3 lamps measuring 40” each and provides enough heat to those beneath it.

This is a safer product because it uses electricity, and gas is not required to make it function; the heater does not require fire to produce heat.

The heater will only consume about 20 cents of electricity an hour, but this will vary with the electricity rates of the area. In the event that the product overheats, the heater will automatically turn off; it will also shut down if it is tilted.

This is a product that is reliable and makes entertaining easy. Once installed, the heater can be left outdoors as it has the capability of resisting rust and corrosion. The frame will not melt or get dented over time. For restaurant owners, the heater can facilitate outdoor dining for more months in a year.

The heater is good for all-year use. It will generate enough heat to make winter more bearable, whether on the deck or inside.

Since the AZ Electric Patio Heater product comes in three lamps, they can be alternately turned on, and you will not necessarily have to run all three lamps.

The light that is produced is mellow and produces a warm glow compared to other heaters that give off a glare that is painful to the eyes. The addition of the heater makes an outdoor deck look classy and the warmth is comfortable.


Since the heater is placed overhead, the heat can be blown away by the wind. The heater tends to be too diffused and will only reach the head and not the entire body.

The user will still have to wear a jacket if the heater is turned on. When the heater is placed too high, it is useless and will just generate light and not heat.


This is a good product to be used by people needing overhead heating, but the heater should not be placed too high to feel its warmth.

The AZ Electric Patio Heater is structurally good due to the stainless steel frames which can resist heavy rain.

However, electric heaters are limited when it comes to generating heat, and heat diffuses when the wind blows. This product should not be placed too high up.

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