Belleze Premium Patio Heater Review

  • by: Joshua Cooper
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This gas-powered heater is durable and gives off ample amounts of heat. The entire structure is made of steel and is powered by propane.

Belleze Premium Patio Heater Review

The lamp can produce 48,000 BTU of heat which can cover 175 square feet of space. The entire lamp looks elegant and will fit on any patio or deck. The heater is 7.25’ tall, with a  dome reflector that is 31.9”.

The Belleze Premium Patio Heater has a weight bladder that can be filled with water or sand. The base is stable and has a diameter of 11”, which can be further strengthened.

In the event that the heater is tipped over by the wind, the lamp automatically turns off. The product is weather resistant and can withstand rain and wind. The heater has wheels which makes it portable and easy to move around a deck or patio.

Belleze 48,000BTU Premium Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheel LP Propane Heat CSA Certified, Hammered Bronze

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  • Made of steel
  • Can generate heat of 48,000 BTU
  • Powered by propane gas
  • Overall height is 7.25’
  • Heat range is 175 square feet
  • Has anti-tilt and shut-off mechanism
  • The Dome reflector is 31.9”
  • Has weight bladder capable of holding water or sand
  • Has one-click ignition system
  • CSA certified


The Belleze Premium Patio Heater is extremely safe and will not be a fire hazard because it has an anti-tilt mechanism that will automatically stop gas flow when the product tilts at a 30° angle.


This is a durable heater and safe for use on an outdoor deck or patio. The structure of the heater is steel which will not corrode or tarnish. This is a product that generates 48,000 BTU for a radius of 15’. The lamp uses propane which allows the lamp to provide consistent heat for hours.

The steel base can be filled up with water or sand, which adds to greater stability. The wheels found at the base make the lamp portable and it can be easily moved from one place to another.

The lamp is certified safe to use. The gas supply will automatically turn off when tilted at a 30° angle. When the lamp is knocked over by a strong wind, the burner will not spread the fire.

This lamp is also easy to turn on because it has a one-turn ignition system; there will be no need to use matches or lighters to turn the burner on.

The steel neck is also strong and will not bend. The neck is 34.3 inches and is able to support the entire lamp.

Heat generation is adequate and the steel hood keeps the heat from rising. The heat is spread evenly over a radius of 15 feet and you do not need to huddle near the heater.

The hood will also protect the roof of a porch from scorching or burning if there are 2 feet of clearance between the lamp’s hood and the ceiling.

Assembly is simple and can be done in half an hour. The product comes with instructions that are clear and concise; you will not have a hard time following the manual.

The bronze finish on the product is smooth and makes the entire heater look elegant and fit with patio furnishing. Using your deck or patio during the winter will be possible with the heater on.

The heat is strong enough to keep you and your guests warm so you can enjoy the outdoors without feeling cold.

The Belleze Premium Patio Heater comes with a one-year warranty and is reasonably priced.


There is a risk of chipping or being damaged during shipping, and the warranty of the product for one year will not cover damages due to shipping; the company can be unreliable in replacing non-functioning or damaged products. The manufacturer also tends to deliver units with incomplete parts.

The gas supply system is iffy and makes the product turn off at random. The product does not have a long service life, and there have been instances where the heater stopped working after only a few months of use.


The Belleze Premium Patio Heater is reliable and has a stable structure and will stand firmly when placed outdoors.

There is enough heat that is generated for a 15’ radius. The heater is good for use even in the winter.

However, shipping is an issue and some products arrive damaged or with parts missing.

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