The Inferno Patio Heater Review

  • by: Joshua Cooper
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This is a product that generates 40,000 BTUs of heat and can be adjusted to multiple settings. The heater is 68.3” tall and is powered by a 20-lb. LPG tank. The heater easily produces flame by a push-button ignition switch.

The Inferno Patio Heater Review

The Inferno Patio Heater can be easily shut off if flames accidentally burst out. The flames pass through a Pyrex cylinder that generates light for a cozier patio atmosphere. The cylinder is protected by a metal frame.

The mesh that protects the entire lamp prevents the flame from extending beyond the lamp’s structure to make sure that it will not burn or cause a fire.

The heat output covers an area of 3 meters by 3 meters. The product is safe and has an anti-tilt mechanism, which makes the lamp turn off when it is tilted to prevent fire.

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  • Height is 68.3”
  • Generates 40,000 BTU of heat
  • Has 4 levels of heat control
  • Heat area coverage is 3 meters by 3 meters
  • Flame passes through a Pyrex cylinder
  • Can be used as a lamp
  • The structure can be moved for easy storage
  • Has push-button automatic shut-off system
  • Can be easily turned on through an ignition
  • A cylinder covered by a metal screen
  • Has wheels at bottom of the base


The heater can be easily stored because it can be retracted to a smaller height. It can easily be moved around because of the wheels at the bottom.


The Inferno Patio Heater is a compact heater that can be used on an outdoor patio or deck, and can even be brought on outdoor trips. The heater is made of metal and has a solid base that keeps the product stable when blown by the wind. This is a superior product that offers heat at 40,000 BTUs.

The heater also covers a wide area at 3 meters by 3 meters. The flames of the product pass through a cylinder that is made of Pyrex, which also generates good lighting. The cylinder is protected by a steel mesh screen to protect users from burns. The heater does not consume much space.

For storage and travel purposes, the Inferno can be retracted and made more compact. The heater is rust-resistant and can be left outdoors without worries about corrosion. The product is easily transportable because of the wheels at the base.

The look of the product is impressive and low-key. This heater has a straightforward function and an ignition that is easy to switch on, enabling the product to be turned on at one turn.

The heat levels can be controlled in four varying degrees. In the case of accidents, the heater can instantly be turned off with a push of a button. The product also turns off and the gas supply is cut if it is tilted at 30°.

The burner is found at the top of the heater. The top helps generate the heat in a downward direction and provides good coverage. When used in social events, guests will have to stay close to the heater for adequate heat coverage.

Several units must be used if the venue is large. There is no risk of the heat going upwards that may cause the ceiling to burn.

The height of the Inferno is lower compared to other heaters so that the lighting effect and heat is fully maximized. The area that is heated is limited and should be used at a maximum of 6 feet away. This is a product that can be also used in patios with ceilings and low clearances.


The product may take a while to start. Time is needed for the gas to circulate through the system, which is why starting it will need more than one click. This occurrence will happen again after a few more attempts.

The product does not have a good service life and post-sales support is unavailable. The heating capacity is also limited and the coverage area is very small.


This is a good product that serves as a lighting device and a heater; the product produces ample heat while the flames act as a lighting accessory in the patio.

The heater can be used with a 20-lb. LPG tank can easily be stored because the body can be retracted and made more compact.

However, the Inferno Patio Heater is not durable and has a short service life. The manufacturer does not offer customer service support.

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